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iPad LogoGaining access to an iPad sports betting app can happen a couple of different ways. You can head over to the iTunes store and download an Apple sponsored real money gambling app if you can find one. The problem is that currently, they are not that prevalent. If daily and weekly fantasy sports gambling on NFL teams and players is your cup of tea, you will probably be able to find a couple of relevant apps in the Apple App Store. But as far as traditional sports betting on your Apple tablet PC is concerned, you will most likely benefit most from using the second option. This is through the several legitimately licensed offshore sportsbooks which allow wagering on all of the top sports action offered by the NBA, MLB and NCAA as well as the National Football League. This is the same recommendation we give for iPad casinos, and iPad gambling apps in general. Websites which already specialize in a high quality gambling experience will likely deliver the best options for mobile devices as well.

These sites support sports betting on iPad tablets, iPod Touches and iPhone sports betting apps, they legally support US players, and effectively deliver a quick and reliable user interface over the Apple iOS. Most will require that you are at least running iOS version 5.0 or newer, but are generally run by companies with years of experience in offering just what a seasoned Internet sports better is looking for. Lines for sides, totals, props and futures bets are available and competitive, the newly popular and innovative live in-game betting option is offered, and you will either be asked to download an iPad sports betting app, click through a QR code, or responsive technology will automatically adjust for the proper interface considering your iPad display size. To simplify the process for you, we've listed the instructions for downloading the web based applications below.

Instructions For Downloading Web Based iPad Sports Betting Applications

Following are the steps to take to access iPad sports betting apps.

1. Chose one of the online sports betting applications listed below. Each of them has been through our review process and has been personally vetted by our team of professionals for legitimacy, security, and quality.

2. Click on the 'Join Now' or 'Play Now' option and follow the instructions provided by the site to complete your player registration.

3. Once your account is officially opened, please take a moment to read through the terms and conditions of any bonuses and/or promotions you are interested in prior to making any deposits to ensure you understand what is needed in order to claim the offer.

4. Lastly you can now download or access the mobile optimized site through whatever means the sites provides. It will either be a hot link, QR code, or download button.

The original iPad debuted in April of 2010, delivering a 9.7 inch high-resolution screen, the same size as the 2013 iPad Air tablet, though of different resolution. And if you are accessing iPad sports betting apps on an iPad Mini, either first or second generation, the display size is just 7.9 inches. But even if you are using different operating systems in each one of those instances, responsive technology will actually study your iPad model and instantly adapt to the aspect ratio and display measurements. The result is an iPad sports betting platform which faithfully reproduces the user interface you are familiar with on your desktop or laptop PC. But it will be perfectly formatted for touchscreen interaction on your particular display, without you having to pinch and zoom to place bets, check lines, and access your account.

Whether you are asked to download sports betting iPad apps, or responsive technology delivers the perfect interface for your display automatically, you have to use your iPad web browser to access a legally licensed Internet sportsbook which supports iPad access. What is nice is that you do not need to create a new account just for your iPad, as opposed to your laptop or desktop PC. Current technology allows you to access your preferred sportsbook from your iPad, iPhone, MacBook or Android powered device with a single account. With 170 million Apple iPad tablets sold as of October 13, savvy online sportsbook owners realize that making the transition from stationary PC to your iPad should be as painless as possible on this bestselling tablet. This means you will always enjoy speedy bet placement and confirmations, as well as competitive lines and numbers, when you access an iPad sports betting app from a legitimate sportsbooks website as opposed to the Apple App Store.

And don't forget, the vast majority of applications offered by Apple are third-party products. These iPad sports betting apps were not developed by someone who has a vested interest in your experience at their online sportsbook. Developers simply want you to pay a download fee so you can place your bets on the NCAA Final Four or NFL Super Bowl. As industry consultants counted on to provide accurate information and recommendations regarding real money gambling online, we have discovered that a handful of legitimately and legally licensed offshore websites deliver the fastest and most reliable, safest and most secure iPad sports betting apps, as opposed to the App Store. The short list of top operators supporting iPad and iPhone sports betting is listed below, and support for US players as well as international gamblers is offered.

Below is information concerning the iPad sports betting apps that we consider to be legitimate, reliable, and high quality options for enjoying sportsbook wagering on your iPad. They have each been vetted by our team of online gambling professionals, and was found to meet or exceed our stringent criteria for inclusion in our guide.

Top Real Money Sports Betting Apps

For iPad Mobile Devices In 2024

4.9 / 5

50% Up To $1,000

4.6 / 5

50% Up To $1000

4.5 / 5

50% Max $1,000

4.4 / 5

20% Up To $500

Where Can I Find Legal and Reliable Real Money iPad Mobile Sports Betting Apps?

As mentioned above, there are a very limited number of third-party iPad sports betting apps which are reliable and trustworthy. And they currently focus primarily on fantasy sports betting, as opposed to placing wagers on individual games and sporting events in the traditional manner. And while a few states in the US now support Internet gambling, legalized online sports wagering is not yet possible at the federal or state-supported level in the US. That means that your most safe and secure iPad sports betting apps experience will probably come from legitimately licensed offshore sportsbooks which have been certified and registered in jurisdictions which legally support online gambling.

You just need to know which online sportsbooks have obtained legal online gambling licensing, and then check to see if they offer sports betting on iPad tablets, iPhone handsets and other Apple devices. There are locations in Canada, Europe and other areas where Internet gambling for real money is not only licensed, but is wholeheartedly supported. These forward thinking locales understand the inevitable growth of mobile computing and legalized sports betting, and they have developed an industry which licenses site operators for providing Web gambling opportunities to players in the United States, Europe, Asia and around the world.

Whether you are looking for NFL or NBA action, as soon as you log onto a legitimate sportsbook that offers an iPad sports betting app or download, as long as proper licensing has been obtained, the experience is legal, speedy and reliable. We have discovered where the properly licensed Internet sportsbooks are located which have obtained legal registration and certification to offer real money sports betting online. MLB and NCAA games are offered, as well as action from the previously mentioned popular professional sports leagues, and you can even find sides, totals, futures and prop betting on horse races, darts, rugby and the Olympics. These sites are continually updating their software, and work as long as you have a modern iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone running on a relatively new iOS.

All you need to do is click through one of the links provided here on this page, and you will be taken to a site that either offers downloadable sports betting iPad apps, or instantly responds with responsive technology to display the perfectly formatted sportsbook user interface on your iDevice. As devoted Internet gamblers and industry consultants, we have reviewed dozens, if not hundreds, of potential iPad supporting Internet sportsbooks. We have also reviewed the applicable Apple App Store applications which provide sports betting on iPad tablets. The short list you see here is the reflection of an intensive review process that first and foremost guarantees legitimate licensing in a jurisdiction where Internet gambling is legal. We then take into account other factors such as speed of bet placement, banking options and deposit methods offered, and how competitive the lines are that are offered by a particular site.

As an Internet sports gambler wagering your hard-earned money, you probably demand access on your favorite PC (in this case an iPad), you want safety and security, as well as familiar banking options and competitive lines. The most legitimate and secure sportsbooks are home to iPad sports betting apps or responsive technology which creates a custom-made user interface and sportsbook control panel that perfectly fits your iPad display, with no pinching and zooming required. No new account creation is required, and you can expect quick bet placement, a wide variety of professional sports wagers offered, as well as speedy deposits and withdrawals when you access one of the legally licensed iPad friendly sportsbooks listed here. And you may even see us at the virtual betting window.

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