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The popularity of online gambling has grown in line with the smartphone revolution, and the mobile sports betting app is now the most common way to wager on athletics worldwide. Convenience is king, and mobile sportsbooks have made the activity more readily available than ever before. It is probably the fastest-growing segment of the mobile gambling app market.

With mobile betting, you can get all the odds you’d expect to find at a world-class sportsbook resort right in the palm of your hand. And though state-licensed sports betting apps are cropping up here and there, offshore betting sites remain the most compelling and profitable way to wager. If you want to enjoy 24/7 real-money sports betting on your terms, read on to find out how easy it is!


Top Rated Sports Betting App For 2024


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Bovada is the name most USA players think of when it comes to online sports betting in the US. They are easily the biggest and most trusted option available to USA players. The reason is simple. They've never missed a payout, their mobile software is second to none and they offer all types of betting options under one roof including sports, poker, casino and horses. This gives players a one stop shop for all their gambling needs making them the most popular site around.

Top Real Money Sports Betting Apps For 2024

Bet On Sports From Mobile Devices

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State-Licensed Vs. Offshore Sports Betting Apps

There are two kinds of mobile sports betting apps to choose from: state-licensed sportsbook apps and offshore sportsbook apps. State-licensed books tend to be standalone applications that you download to your smartphone or tablet from the App Store or Google Play store, and they’re available only in areas that have officially legalized sports betting.

Due to Apple and Google policies, offshore betting sites that serve the US market don’t offer native iPhone apps or Android sports betting apps. Instead, they rely on browser-based “web app” experiences. These are similar to native apps, except there’s nothing to download, they’re totally cross-platform, and they use responsive design to work seamlessly across multiple generations of mobile devices.

iPhone Sportsbooks Vs. Android Sportsbooks

The two major classes of mobile sports betting apps are iPhone mobile sportsbooks and Android mobile sportsbooks. For legal state-licensed sportsbooks, developers have to make specific apps for both platforms. This can be expensive and time-consuming, leaving bettors in the lurch.

Fortunately, real-money gambling apps located offshore have all their odds boards accessible via HTML and responsive design technology, so any device will work as long as it has a mobile browser. The advantages of this approach are obvious, and it keeps offshore betting sites one step ahead of their domestic competitors when it comes to both security and accessibility.

Other Mobile Sports Betting Platforms

While the modern mobile landscape is now totally dominated by iPhone and Android, there are still a large number of Blackberry phones, Windows phones, and other devices on the market (especially internationally). Because the best Internet betting sites use the web app approach, even outdated mobiles like these can still access all the same odds as the newest flagship Apples or Samsungs.

If your device supports modern web standards, you can bet on sports and will find that Windows mobile sportsbooks and Blackberry mobile sportsbooks are just as readily available.

Live Betting At Mobile Sportsbooks

Live, in-game wagering used to be an exclusive feature among only the very best mobile sports betting sites. Over the last several years, however, it has become part of any reputable sportsbook’s repertoire, allowing bettors to wager on dynamic game lines during the games themselves.

For the most part, the odds available for in-game action mimic the pre-game betting types you’re used to, with the difference being that the numbers shift from play to play and your window to place any given bet is very narrow. To enjoy live betting, all you need is a mobile device and a stable Internet connection.

Shopping Lines Between Sports Betting Sites

As a beginning sports bettor, the single best thing you can do to pad your bankroll is to shop lines. Shopping lines between different mobile sportsbook apps is beneficial because these books compete with one another and often offer different odds on the same games.

While some contests won’t show much difference in the posted odds from one site to the next, others will have drastically different payouts. Simply put, you’d be leaving lots of money on the table taking a team at +250 to win when another site is offering +400 odds on the same matchup.

Best Deposit Methods For Mobile Sports Betting Apps

Most reputable sports betting apps or sites will offer a variety of banking options for their customers. However, regardless of the site you use, Bitcoin (or another supported cryptocurrency) is the best option for depositing into your account. The most common deposit methods at mobile sportsbooks include the following:

  • Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc.)
  • Credit/debit (Visa, Mastercard, American Express)
  • Gift cards (if verified for international purchases)
  • Person-to-person (Western Union, MoneyGram, etc.)
  • Money order
  • Bank wire
  • Cashier’s check

Fastest Mobile Sportsbook Payout Options

Payout speed and reliability are primary considerations when choosing the best real-money mobile sportsbook, and all the major offshore brands have come a long way when it comes to withdrawal efficiency. The only same-day payout at any major online sportsbook is Bitcoin/cryptocurrency, with the caveat that you are required to deposit in crypto if you intend to withdraw in crypto. Most books will offer some or all of the following payout methods:

  • Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc.)
  • Money order
  • Bank wire
  • Courier check

Mobile Sports Betting Apps FAQs

You can and should sign up at several different sports betting sites. This facilitates easy line shopping, which guarantees the best possible returns. Additionally, different sites have different bonus promotions and limits, so the more sites you join, the more perks you can accrue. It is advised to join at least 2-3 different sportsbooks, but remember to only create one account per site. Duplicate accounts are not allowed and can cause you to be permanently banned.

In most states, using an offshore mobile sportsbook app falls under the category of “unregulated.” This gives states without specific state regulations barring online gambling the option to wager online.

Most offshore mobile sportsbook apps require their users to be 18 years of age or older. However, some states with sports betting laws on the books require participants to be at least 21 years old. While offshore books will accept residents of these states at 18, we suggest sticking with your state’s mandated age.

Mobile sports betting apps all use state-of-the-art encryption technologies and financial industry best practices to ensure that your experience is as secure as possible. All of our recommended sportsbook websites have excellent track records for customer safety and data privacy. For added protection, we suggest funding your account with Bitcoin or other blockchain-based cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurriencies can be used with Windows gambling apps, iPad gambling apps, or any other mobile device that supports application downloads.

If you use one of the mobile sportsbooks listed here, you can trust that your full winnings will be paid out in a timely manner. Our suggested service providers have established, long-term reputations for fair play and rapid payouts, and independent review boards keep tabs on these sites’ operations. In the offshore betting industry, reputation is everything, and these sites have each withstood the test of time.

Check out these mobile sports apps where you can view live scores, read the latest news and more.

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