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Mobile sports betting is the cutting edge of modern wagering. All smartphone devices, including Windows mobile devices, are capable of accessing online sports betting applications. While there are some domestic sports betting options a lot of people find the most convenient way of betting on sports is with their mobile devices.

This page has the most accurate and up-to-date information on legal remote sports betting apps, which Windows gambling apps to use, how they work and other supplementary factors that any knowledgeable bettor should be aware of.

Top Windows Real Money Sports Betting Apps 2024

For Windows Mobile Devices

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50% Up To $1,000

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Is It Legal To Bet On Sports Through My Windows Device?

Legality depends on local laws but in most cases in the USA, it is usually only legal when the sportsbook is licensed and regulated by a legitimate offshore source. Windows has yet to develop any real money betting apps for any of their devices.

This decision has multiple components behind it, but from a legal standpoint, there are no laws in the United States deeming mobile betting legal except for in Nevada, New Jersey, West Virginia, and Delaware. The federal government does not have any laws naming licensed offshore Windows betting apps as being illegal.

Legal Windows Sports Betting Apps In Nevada

In Nevada, Windows sports betting apps must be set up in person at a licensed venue in the state, but Nevada residency is not a requirement. Some personal information like your social security number, address, name, date of birth, etc., are required. Bettors must also be at least 21 years of age.

Windows betting apps in Nevada run on a geolocation platform that ensures users are within Nevada borders. Any wagers attempted to be placed from outside Nevada using the apps will be rejected. We’ve included some of the top Windows mobile sports betting apps (most of which are associated with a land-based sportsbook venture) below:

  • William Hill
  • Wynn
  • CG Technology
  • Station Casino
  • Boyd
  • South Point
  • MGM
  • Atlantis Reno

These apps feature betting lines on games in the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, NCAA and more. In-play betting options are available as well. Traveling to states that have online sportsbooks is not an option for all US residents, so while there are domestic Windows mobile betting apps technically available in the US, it is somewhat exclusive.

Legal Windows Mobile Betting Apps Outside Nevada

For those unable to travel to Nevada, New Jersey, or Delaware, licensed offshore Windows mobile betting apps are the only legal viable option. There are numerous operators with offshore licensing that accept US bettors.

You will find the same betting lines, wagering types, customer support options and in-play capabilities as you would with brick-and-mortar sportsbooks or state-based mobile betting apps. Offshore Windows mobile sportsbooks feature some components that differentiate them from other sources including bonuses and special promotions.

Benefits To Using Mobile Sports Betting Apps On Windows Devices

Here are the reasons that more and more US bettors elect to use their Windows mobile smartphone and tablet devices to place bets. Our list of advantages provides a glimpse into how Windows sports betting apps work.

  1. Convenience – Windows mobile sports betting apps allow users to place wagers on the move. The Windows mobile network grants users access throughout the United States. This means you can access online mobile betting apps anywhere, anytime (some exclusions may apply in remote areas). Windows mobile betting apps are open 24/7, unlike brick-and-mortar sportsbook locations.
  2. Betting Materials All In One Place – With a Windows device in your hand, bettors have access to live streams of sporting events, betting line updates, statistical figures/breakdowns, predictions, insight into betting trends and more. Windows user interfaces are designed to permit seamless transitioning between apps. This extends to Windows mobile betting apps.
  3. Bonuses And Promotions – Licensed offshore Windows betting apps give users bonuses in the form of free money and wagers. There are multiple bonus types available, though most of which increase your account balance by a percentage of your deposit. Brick-and-mortar sportsbooks do not feature any type of financial bonus for patrons to benefit off of.
  4. More Payment Options Available – If you walk into a brick-and-mortar sportsbook, you are either forking over cash or your credit/debit card to make a deposit. Through Windows real money betting apps, users can make deposits using credit/debit cards, wire transfers and The latter form of payment adds another element to online sports betting. The speedy transactions give you fast access to your money and transaction fees are often manageable.

Potential For More Domestic Windows Betting Apps

In 2018, the United States Supreme Court repealed PASPA, the federal ban on regulated sports betting applicable to 46 states. Since the repeal states have been passing sports betting laws and launching domestic sportsbooks around the United States.

The Federal Wire Act was thought to ban online sports wagering but the law actually only forbids interstate online sports betting. This gives states the right to enact mobile sports betting laws that stay within their state lines. So far only Nevada, New Jersey, West Virginia, and Delaware have launched state-limited online sports betting.

Windows Mobile Sports Betting Apps FAQs

Yes. Mobile developers integrate responsive design technology to adapt their platforms to smaller screen sizes. The technology keeps design and functionality elements consistent on any screen size dimensions. Touchscreen functionality will be seamless on whichever Windows device you use thanks to responsive design technology.

Yes. However, US residents are for the most part barred from downloading any native real money betting apps from the Windows App Store. The company’s policy specifically mentions that real money mobile gambling apps are only available in jurisdictions where mobile betting is legal. The native apps you will find in the Windows App Store are available in the UK and other pro-sports gambling environments.

Not necessarily. Windows is arguably the lesser-known platform when compared to Apple and Android. Developers want to address the majority of their audience, which falls into these two categories. However, from a software standpoint, apps are often compatible with the Windows platform in addition to iOS and the Android network.

A lot of these mobile betting apps are web-based, meaning they utilize your device’s browser feature. If a mobile web-based app is coded properly, it will function on a Windows device.

No. A lot of mobile sportsbook apps run on a web-based platform that utilizes your device’s browser app. As long as you have internet access, you can log onto the mobile sports betting suite. There are native apps on the Windows App Store that users can download.

Not if you are using an app designated in a licensed and regulated jurisdiction. The US is on the brink of becoming one in regards to mobile sports wagering. Licensed offshore Windows betting apps are currently the best option on the market. We have not uncovered any cases of US residents being arrested or prosecuted for placing wagers through a licensed offshore Windows betting app.