iPad Roulette Apps

iPad Logo26 million iPads were purchased in the first quarter of 2014 alone. In its history, the best selling tablet of all time has sold an amazing 200 million units. If you own an iPad and, like us and millions of other iPad owners, enjoy playing real money gambling apps on casino games like roulette, blackjack and craps, you are in luck. Regardless where you live, legal and legitimate iPad roulette apps are available for you to enjoy placing wagers on your favorite casino games. Some legal offshore Web casinos allow responsible adults to make bets on roulette, other casino games, sports events, horse races and poker games, right from the convenience and privacy of their iPads, iPods and iPhones. These companies have achieved legitimate certification in jurisdictions where online gambling is legal, which gives them the ability to honor US and international casino gamblers. The top rated of these iPad Roulette mobile applications are listed below.

Top Real Money Roulette Apps In 2024

Compatible WIth iPad Mobile Devices

For some reason many mobile casinos have not integrated roulette into their mobile casino, but we have confirmed that each of these mobile casinos offer roulette as part of their mobile suite of games.

4.8 / 5

100% Max $3,000

4.7 / 5

500% Up To $5,000

4.7 / 5

100% Up To $5,000

4.5 / 5

400% Up To $4,000 (x2)

Are There Any Mobile Roulette Apps for My iPad That Support Real Money Betting?

Factoid: Professional poker player Jeff Romano was on hand at the Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2012 when he noticed an amazing roulette occurrence. The number 19 came up on 7 consecutive spins! This roughly occurs on average once every 114 billion spins. And right after this run, 20 repeated twice in 6 spins.

As of 2014, there were more than 1 billion websites registered with the biggest and most popular domain name providers. There are more than 1 billion smartphones currently in use on the planet, and 200 million tablets were sold in 2013. What does all this mean? Well, regarding mobile iPad roulette apps and other applications, games and software that deliver an Internet casino experience, it is great news. Supply always rises to meet demand. With so many people on the go, the top Las Vegas style online casinos understand the incredible opportunity they have. More and more governments around the world are legalizing online gambling, so they can benefit from the revenue and taxes they get from the companies they register to offer you and me different Internet gambling options.

Why Web Based iPad Compatible Mobile Roulette Apps Are Necessary

Due to changes in policies, and shareholder attitudes, companies like Apple cannot be counted on to always deliver consistent and legitimate iPad roulette apps and access to other Internet casino games where real money is wagered. Company policy consistently changes, so there is no guarantee that you will ever be able to access reliable applications from the App Store for real money gambling. Combined with the incredible push towards mobile web access as the preferred way to surf the Internet rather than desktop PCs, this fact rewards savvy Internet casino operators. It costs more money to obtain legal certification from a legitimate online gambling jurisdiction. But the top operators are doing exactly that. They are known for outstanding customer satisfaction, generous deposit matching welcome bonuses, and blazing fast, safe and secure software.

When apps first became popular, they required a download. Today's equivalent of the desktop or mobile application or app for casino gaming is intelligent software already woven into the makeup of a website. This is called responsive technology. And instead of requiring you to make a storage stealing and time-intensive download to your iPad, iPhone or iPod, you simply access legally licensed Web casinos like the ones we have reviewed and recommend here directly from your mobile web browser. You can either click through the links we provide, which reward you with free bonus money when you make your first deposit, or you can simply type in the name of a top iPad roulette casino into the browser on your iPad.

The Technology That Makes Web Based Roulette Apps for Your iPad Possible

Sensitive and intelligent site software actually then takes just a few milliseconds to understand your display size and aspect ratio. Whether you want to enjoy an iPad roulette app on your third generation Apple tablet with a display aspect ratio of 4:3, or from your iPhone 5C, boasting a 16:9 aspect ratio, there is nothing for you to do. Your mobile experience will be automatically customized to the display you are using. This means that your control panel, the virtual roulette wheel and betting surface, and your entire user interface is best represented to take advantage of whatever mobile tablet or smartphone screen you are using.

Since more legitimate providers of Internet roulette, craps, poker and ipad sports betting are arriving on the scene every day, competition is fierce. This means that the top legitimate ipad casinos and iPhone casinos are always trying to outdo each other. And that means generous incentives when you sign up. As a part of our review process, we have identified those iPad roulette casinos which offer mobile access, but also deliver the best welcome bonus rewards. Simply for signing up and making a deposit of any size, you will be greeted with free bankroll boosting money. And we recommend only those particular Apple-supporting mobile iPad apps here on our website that use the fastest and safest casino software, while also providing a wide variety of real money gambling options.