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With an estimated 80 million users, the iPad is among the most prevalent Internet and media devices in the US, which has prompted gambling sites to support the platform. That means that anytime you log in to one of your iPad gambling apps, you can count on a refined UI and streamlined touchscreen experience for poker, table games, slots, and more.

The best iPad casino apps are all available over the Internet from offshore providers. The top companies in the space have been hosting mobile-optimized, iPad-friendly casino websites for years, and they accept members from all around the US. Playing at these sites is safe for those aged 18 and up, and we answer all your questions about legality, security, and what you can expect from the iPad gaming market.

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Are iPad Casino Apps Legal For US Players?

When assessing the legality of iPad casino apps, there are several factors in play. First, there are a handful of states where online gambling – via your iPad or any other device – is actually legalized. These include NV, NJ, DE, PA, and WV. On the flip side, there are two US states where all online gambling is explicitly forbidden: WA and CT.

All that notwithstanding, offshore casino apps operate in a legal gray area. These sites are not legally prohibited by any US federal laws, meaning that you can use them freely without fearing any untoward legal intervention. Most sites accept members from all 50 states, and even bettors in WA and CT can join. However, because those two states specifically have laws against doing so (albeit these are unenforced), you proceed at your own risk.

Are iPad Casino Apps Safe To Use?

When gambling online, safety is just as important as legality, and legitimate online iPad casino apps are historically very safe to use. All major operators use sophisticated data encryption protocols to keep your personal information secure.

Furthermore, the Internet-based iPad casino services we recommend each operate legally under the oversight of their home countries’ governmental gambling watchdogs or are owned and operated by a parent company that holds legitimate licensing credentials and compliance. They also use audited, industry-leading gaming software to ensure fair play. The primary software brands in the gambling industry are:

Real Money iPad Casino Game Types

When you join a real-money iPad casino, you will have access to every imaginable casino game type. It is literally like having all of Las Vegas – and Monte Carlo! – on a portable screen in your bag or purse. You’ll have hundreds of different titles to enjoy at every online gaming site, including the following popular favorites:

Advantages Of iPad Casino Gaming

There are several reasons why iPad casino gambling has such a magnetic draw. First and foremost is convenience. Brick-and-mortar casinos can be lots of fun, but for daily casual gaming, nothing beats an iPad. And because iPads are portable, you aren’t ever going to be tied down or held back when you want to put down a few greenbacks.

Another reason that iPad casino apps are superior is because iPad ubiquity has forced offshore casinos to design their mobile gambling interfaces with Apple tablets in mind. The iPad experience is superior even to iPhone gambling, as the bigger screens lend themselves to more comfortable gaming across every category.

iPad Casino Apps: Offshore vs. State-Licensed

State-licensed iPad casino services are limited to just five US states (NV, NJ, DE, PA, WV), and they are geofenced to those states. In the simplest terms, that means that if you’re anywhere else in the country, you cannot use those apps. Offshore iPad gambling sites do not have any of these limitations.

In other words, offshore iPad casinos offer the same kinds of games that state-licensed casinos do, but they’re available no matter where you are. Better yet, offshore casinos generally have more games and amusements to choose from across the board. Why opt for a limited, lesser service when you don’t have to?

iPad Casino Apps FAQs

The beauty of offshore Internet casinos is that all their games and options are HTML-based and available via standard web browsers like Safari. No matter which model of iPad you have (iPad, iPad mini, iPad Air, iPad Pro, etc.), your casino games will automatically adjust to fit the screen size and pixel density of your particular model.

Many iPad and iPhone users naturally assume that iGaming is an Apple thing, but it isn’t. Instead, iGaming is a generic term for “online gambling,” and it has nothing to do with the Apple brand. That said, Apple devices like the iPad are certainly the most suitable platforms to enjoy iGaming, so there’s a bit of serendipity there.

The best banking methods are the ones that marry efficiency with security. As such, Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrency) is the recommended way to fund your betting account. While other options exist (credit/debit, bank wires, etc.), nothing beats gambling apps that payout in Bitcoin. For withdrawals, Bitcoin is also king, as it carries no fees and is the only same-day payout option at any iPad casino site. Note: To withdraw in Bitcoin, you have to first deposit in Bitcoin.

Not at all. Different online casinos offer different games developed by different companies, and they each typically have varied wagering limits and jackpots. Additionally, the games may be more responsive at one site than at another, which will have a big impact on your overall experience. Nevertheless, all the top offshore casino sites are mobile-optimized and iPad-ready.

Yes, and you definitely should! It’s a good idea to join at least 2-3 different iPad casino services because each one is unique. By playing at multiple outlets, you can easily determine which sites have your favorite games and offer the best values for your style of play. For example, one site might have the best table games, while another offers the best slots.

That depends, as bonuses are not right for everyone. When it comes to casino bonuses, it’s all about their rollover requirements. For example, if you accept a $50 match bonus with a 40X rollover, that means you’d have to gamble a total handle of $2000 before withdrawing any winnings. For frequent gamblers, bonus terms are easy to meet, but for casual players, bonuses may not be appropriate.