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Facebook Gambling IconFacebook casinos are hard to come by due to international gambling laws. The social media platform does not currently host any real money gambling casinos in the US market, for example, because US federal gambling laws are strict and Facebook does not permit any such activity as a result. However, there are several different free play casinos that give players an online casino experience without risking any of your own money. These free play casinos have integrated into most international markets and provide a glimpse into what social media gambling could be like one day. There is potential for real money gambling on Facebook casino apps in the future, but some laws in place would have to be amended or repealed.

Social casinos are structured differently than regular online casinos. The biggest difference is the lack of real money gambling. You’ll be wagering tokens instead of cash. Players unlock more tokens through gameplay, or in some cases, through in-app purchases. While there are usually variations of slot games, sometimes players can only access one to start out and then unlock more as they continue playing. Facebook casino apps are designed to be compatible with iPhone, Android, Windows and even Amazon devices. This page was created to inform social gamblers on their prospects regarding Facebook casino apps—including how the market presently stands and where it could go in the future.

Best Facebook Free Play Casino Apps For 2024

Below you will find a list of some of the most populated Facebook free play casino apps. There are more in the social media market, but these three have stuck out and successfully drawn a large host of players. Most social slot apps are similar, but you can find differences in game selection and bonuses offered.

Doubledown Casino
Caesars Casino Official App

Slotomania draws over 5 million players. The Facebook free play casino app has both web and mobile capabilities. As you can tell by the title, the social media casino app is slot-based, but there over 150 games to choose from. Slotomania awards new players 10,000 free coins upon signup and issues free coins every 2 hours. There are bonus mini games and jackpot bonuses with high prize amounts. You can send friends free coins through the app and compete in live tournaments. Slotomania is 21+ to use.

DoubleDown Casino is a more inclusive Facebook free play casino app and draws over 3 million players. With over 70 authentic slot variations, including Wheel of Fortune, Double Diamond and more, there is plenty to satisfy your slots appetite. DoubleDown also offers video poker, blackjack, roulette and more. The app offers large jackpot prizes and slot bonus rounds. DoubleDown features both single-game and tournament platforms, allowing players to compete against their friends. The app is compatible with both web and mobile devices.

Caesars Casino is a free play Facebook slots app with interactive slots, video poker, blackjack and roulette. Free coins are issued every 5 minutes, allowing for streamlined gameplay and there are free gifts offered daily. Players can share gifts and coins with friends and post their winnings on Facebook. New players can claim a Welcome Bonus to get them off the ground and into the action. New games are frequently added to the social slots app.

Top Real Money Casino Apps

For All Mobile Devices In 2024

As we mentioned above, there are no real money casino apps on facebook. So outside of the free play apps that we featured above, we wanted to list all of the top real money online casino web based and application based offerings which are optimized for mobile devices. These brands have been vetted by our team of professionals and are guaranteed to be safe, secure, and reliable, as well as delivering an overall high quality gambling experience. You will see supported devices listed next to each brand. If our platform is not listed, it doesn't mean that it won't work on your device, but it may not have been engineered or perfectly optimized specifically for your platform. Often times these still render beautifully.

4.8 / 5

100% Max $3,000

4.7 / 5

500% Up To $5,000

4.7 / 5

100% Up To $5,000

4.5 / 5

400% Up To $4,000 (x2)

4.5 / 5

325% Up To $9,750

4.5 / 5

100% Up To $10,000

Real Money And Freeplay Casinos For Facebook - What You Need To Know

Are Facebook Casino Apps Legal?

Real money gambling Facebook casino apps are illegal in most countries. Searching for these types of casino apps on the social media platform will yield no results. Free play casino apps are legal and available. Facebook is strict on their age-appropriate policies, so most social slot options will be 18+ to play and checked through age verification (some are 21+).

How Do Free Play Facebook Casino Apps Work?

These versions operate on token-based gameplay. Players are given many tokens as a bonus for signing up. Tokens are accrued through gameplay as well as other promotions, such as x2 tokens awarded every hour. Tokens can also be purchased via real money as part of the social casino app’s freemium status. Social gambling apps thrive off competitiveness, and players want to reach the top of the leaderboards. Having more tokens allows players to achieve this top status. Players are not required to spend any money within the app; you can play enough through bonus tokens.

What Types Of Games Are Offered In Facebook Casino Apps?

Game selection within social media casino apps depends on the brand you use. For example, Slotomania is a popular Facebook casino app with over 5 million players, but it only features slot games. On the other hand, DoubleDown Casino is a Facebook casino app with slots, video poker, blackjack and more. These apps are powered by online gambling software that renders beautifully designed games. Responsive design technology allows the mobile casino apps to be consistent in terms of design and playability across multiple devices. Players looking for tournament action will be happy to learn that Facebook casino apps support tournament platforms with large jackpot prizes.

What Types Of Prizes Are Available?

Since free play social media casino apps do not support real money gambling, free play apps rely on token jackpot prizes. Tokens allow players to keep playing games within the casino, including slots, blackjack, video poker and more. In some rare cases, other prizes like electronics and vacation packages are available. With the current Facebook gambling platform, one of the biggest prizes comes in the form of bragging rights. Social gambling is defined as gambling through social media, though there is also a social aspect to it. Facebook provides an outlet for players to share their game results, which instills more competition while simultaneously advertising for the casino app. For players looking for real money gambling action, this may not seem too enticing, but there is still a long way to go before real money Facebook gambling enters the market.

Have There Been Real Money Gambling Facebook Apps In The Past?

Yes. Zynga, one of the most recognized app developers in the industry (created Farmville), tried launching ZyngaPlusCasino and ZyngaPlusPoker in the UK market. Gambling laws are much more flexible in the UK, allowing these apps an opportunity unavailable to the US. Both apps did not garner enough traffic to sustain keeping them operation, resulting in their eventual shutdown. Players simply did not have enough incentive to switch over from their standard online gambling brands. While this initiative was unsuccessful, it gave developers a chance to test the waters regarding Facebook gambling.

Is There Potential For Real Money Gambling Facebook Casino Apps In The Future?

We could see the introduction of real money gambling Facebook casino apps if countries can get their domestic online gambling laws in check. Mobile gambling has taken off worldwide via web-based gambling apps. Since Facebook is one of the most widely used smartphone apps, it is only natural that Facebook casino apps have grown popular as well. Millions of users can operate iPhone casino apps, Android casino apps, Blackberry casino apps and Windows casino apps all through Facebook. As online real money gambling options expand, the social casino app market will as well.

Real Money Mobile Casino Options Independent Of Facebook

As gambling industry consultants for years, and online gamblers ourselves, we built this site to keep you informed about the legitimate places to enjoy casino and sports gambling online. We will keep you informed as to the relevancy and legality of Facebook casinos that allow responsible adults to place wagers on different virtual and real world events and games, and will update this page to reflect changing legislation in the US and globally. The good news is that there are multiple real money gambling options available to players in the United States, the UK and elsewhere, which are available for access from your mobile PC, smartphone or desktop computer.