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Real Time Gaming Software As online casinos made the transition to a mobile platform, there are a few brands that stand out from the crowd, and RTG mobile casinos are one of them. They were one of the first mobile gambling software providers to take the plunge, and as we'd expect, they have delivered a high quality, reliable performance and feature rich interface for playing real money casino games on your smartphone or tablet.

Upon initially launching, most of the RTG mobile casinos offered a smaller game selection than their online counterpart. This was naturally due to the fact that the technology was new and development was initially a little slower for the real money gambling apps industry. However, this is rapidly changing as RTG adds new games to their mobile platform on a regular basis, nicely expanding their range of options available to players. Mobile gaming professionals are growing in number and becoming more and more proficient with the mobile venue of software development.

This page is designed to provide you with helpful information for understanding how RTG mobile casino apps operate, what devices they are compatible with, and what they have to offer you as far as game selection and performance. They are our preferred option for USA players, though most also accept international players as well. Most of the other mobile software brands do not accept US players, including Playtech mobile casinos and Microgaming mobile casinos. We will also provide access to the leading RTG mobile casinos in the table below. The steps for implementing one of these mobile casino apps onto your device is as follows:

1. Select one of the options from the table below.

2. Register for a player account

3. Access their mobile casino client through their provided hotlink or QR Code, which they provide to registered customers.

4. Explore the application prior to making any deposits into your account. This allows you to make sure you are comfortable with the interface, game selection and features prior to making any financial investment with real money.

Best RTG Mobile Casino Apps For 2024

All USA Players Accepted

We only recommend what we consider to be the leading RTG mobile casinos in the industry.  These are the biggest and most trusted names that we feel reflect the best the industry has to offer for.  We guarantee that the following sites will pay out all winnings very fast and offer the best in the way of mobile software.

4.8 / 5

100% Max $3,000

4.7 / 5

500% Up To $5,000

4.7 / 5

100% Up To $5,000

4.5 / 5

400% Up To $4,000 (x2)

4.5 / 5

325% Up To $9,750

4.5 / 5

100% Up To $10,000

What Types of Devices Is RTG Mobile Casino Software Compatible With?

RTG mobile casino software is compatible with a variety of the primary mobile platforms, including iOS for the iPhone and iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows. Compatibility is the not the challenging component that some imagine when the use of responsive technology is integrated into the mobile casino software. Responsive technology does exactly what hi's name implies, it responds to a set of parameters and programmed conditions to render a specific result.

In the case of mobile casino games, it instantly determines the specifications on the mobile device you are using, and returns results that are perfectly formatted for that device. So no matter what kind of tablet or smartphone you are using, the gaming interface renders exactly at the correct size, resolution and specifications.

This technology is always programmed to apply to a range of older devices as well, so owners of previous generation mobile phones or tablet pcs can also enjoy accessing the casino games. Everything is evolving fast and we expect to see increased flexibility as the mobile casino gambling industry grows. You will find the following types of RTG mobile casinos available:

iPhone and iPad RTG Casinos - RTG ensures that their mobile software is compatible with the iOS operating system. Over the last few years, both online and mobile software developers have been much more open to including Apple devices in their range of compatibility. This is largely due to the growth in Apple's market share of computing and mobile devices at large. You can learn more about the iOS gaming platform on our pages covering iPhone casinos and iPad casinos.

Android RTG Casinos - Android smartphones and tablets do make up the largest user base, hence you will likely not find any mobile casino that does not ensure compatibility with this platform. RTG software developers have made sure that their mobile offerings are compatible with Android powered devices with a range that goes several generations back. Get more information about enjoying casino games on your Android device from our page on Android casinos.

Blackberry RTG Casinos - Through the use of responsive technology, BlackBerry device owners are able to access RTG mobile casinos and enjoy all that they have to offer. This technology instantly recognizes the specifications of your BlackBerry smartphone or tablet and renders the casino client accordingly. This is a particularly appealing trait of web based mobile optimized casino applications. You can get additional information about the options available to BB owners from our page on BlackBerry Casinos.

Windows Phone RTG Casinos - As with the BlackBerry platform, RTG software was not designed specifically for Windows mobile devices, but their integration of responsive technology ensures compatibility. With the Windows phone and Surface tablet products gaining strong momentum, we think this was a wise move on their part. The new capabilities of Windows mobile devices to sync with Windows based computers has driven growth for this brand. While the Windows phone market may not be the largest share, there is a nice selection of Windows mobile casinos.

What Types of Games Are Available at Realtime Gaming Mobile Casinos?

The most plentiful game at any RTG mobile casino is slots. This is not surprising as slots usually make up the bulk of the menu at most online casinos. Most mobile casinos launched primarily with slots games on offer initially. As things have evolved, additional games have been added, such as video poker and various table games, including blackjack, baccarat and roulette.

There are often multiple variations of the game. RTG has partnered with BetSoft to develop and offer some really nice 3D slot games that really take video slots to a whole new level. Now some of you may be skeptical about the quality of the experience when enjoyed from a smaller display such as a smartphone. I felt the same way at first.

After having played nearly every game available during our reviews of RTG mobile casinos, I found just the opposite to be true. The layout and features of the mobile casino games are designed to deliver a very high quality experience, with user friendly functionality and visually attractive graphics. You do not feel like you are cramped into too small of a space at all.

I have the iPhone 5S which has one of the smaller displays, and I have no problems playing any of the casino games offered through RTG mobile casino apps. To show you just how innovative RTG mobile casino games can be, we've included a short video demo of one of their 3D slots. Be sure to watch through to the bonus round to see how cool it is.

Is a Download Required in Order To Play RTG Mobile Casino Games?

One of the attractive qualities of RTG mobile casino games is that a download is not required. I personally love that these casino games do not take up valuable storage real estate on my iPhone or iPad.

Because these apps are mobile optimized web based programs, I am able to access my account from any mobile device or from my computer. I can manage my account, deposit funds, request withdrawals, claim bonus offers and enjoy all the games on their menu directly from my mobile devices.

This is a huge advantage over the types of mobile applications found in the iTunes store. You will not find RTG mobile casinos in the iTunes store in most cases. Any real money gambling apps that are offered from iTunes are typically not available to USA players.

Is it Legal For USA Players To Engage in Real Money RTG Mobile Casino Gambling?

RTG is one of the premium US friendly gambling software solutions that is used by regulated online and mobile casinos who are licensed to provide their services to players around the world, including those in the USA. There are no federal laws that prohibit American players from participating in mobile casino gambling delivered by legally licensed and regulated remote gambling businesses that are located outside of the United States.

There are a few states that have legalized state regulated online gambling for their residents, and that also offer mobile casino options. You will find these types of options available in Delaware and New Jersey, but you must be physically present within the state in order to take advantage of their state licensed mobile casinos. You can learn more on our USA gambling apps page.

How Do I Find Reputable, Industry Leading Realtime Gaming (RTG) Mobile Casinos?

While the RTG software brand is a premium USA friendly gambling platform, not all online and mobile casinos and their operators are as reputable. We have spent a great deal of time and effort reviewing RTG casinos, and have comprised a listing of the top rated options from among their pool of online and mobile casinos. We verified their legitimacy within the industry through licensing, compliance certifications and regulatory oversight.

We reviewed their security profile, performance quality, customer support, banking suite, and every other element of their operation to ensure they meet our stringent standards for inclusion in this guide. The brands you see listed on this page all offer an RTG mobile casino app that we highly recommend.

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