Commercial Operators Push For California Real Money Gambling Apps

Mobile gambling in California

The debate over California sportsbooks has turned into a battle between in-person proponents and those favoring mobile gambling apps. Tribes of the Golden State want to keep a semi-conservative hold on the gaming industry.

Competing Measures In Cali

An initiative to give California’s tribes exclusive rights to in-person wagering qualified for the Midterms ballot last year. The proposal would also authorize roulette and dice games at casinos on native-land in exchange for 10% of sportsbook revenues.

The tame approach to betting is expected to fall more favorably with the public than an all-out gambling expansion. However, the bill does not include provisions for the independent operation of corporate sportsbook interests.

And that news did not sit well with executives at online gambling companies like DraftKings and FanDuel.

Since the initiative qualified for the ballot, corporate interests have expressed firm intent in getting their share of the profit margin.

In response to the exclusive tribal gambling measure, a handful of commercial sportsbooks teamed up to launch a campaign in favor of mobile sports betting apps for all.

Commercial Push For Mobile Apps

The Corporate Online Sports Wagering proposal, Initiative #21-0017A1, aims to legalize online sportsbook options as provided by commercial licensees.

The state would receive a 10% cut of the mobile gambling proceeds if the measure were to pass, most of which would be delegated towards aid for homeless residents.

However, 10% is pretty minuscule for the privilege of hosting USA gambling apps. Especially in such a populous area like California. New York State, for example, collects 51% of all mobile sportsbook revenues.

The measure has yet to acquire the signatures necessary to secure a space on the November ballot. Even so, the campaign has more than two months left to convince the public to give it a shot.

And in the world of politics, two months is plenty of time to get the ball rolling.

Both the tribal and corporate campaigns have padded wallets to back their ballot initiatives. Still, you can see the wide disparity between the two.

Going Shopping For Signatures

The Corporate Online Sports Wagering proposal has, to date, received over $100 million in contributions from sportsbooks like DraftKings, FanDuel, and others.

Unfortunately, the initiative to Legalize Sports Betting on American Indian Lands tails far behind that figure with only $12 million to show for itself.

Nonetheless, DraftKings’ recent failure in Florida goes to show that money can’t always buy votes.

Voters should keep in mind that legal online betting options are available and accessible from the US via offshore sportsbooks. Seasoned bettors have been using these sites long before the repeal of PASPA.

Real money online gambling can be a great time. And there are plus sides that come with using a domestic bookie. However, voters shouldn’t be afraid to hold out for a better deal.

Once something becomes law, it becomes hard to change.

Source: ESPN