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Windows Mobile LogoWindows casinos are going to be running on one of two operating systems. The mobile OS created by Microsoft was known as Windows Mobile up until 2010, when the Microsoft operating system platform for mobile devices changed its name to Windows Phone. Windows Mobile operating system version 6.5.5 was the highest designation of that OS, with Windows Phone picking up at version 7.0. The successor to Windows Mobile is not compatible with that previous operating system platform, and unlike the earlier operating system, Windows Phone is aimed primarily at the consumer market. It was launched in October of 2010, and is probably the operating system that your smartphone or tablet is running if it was purchased in the last couple of years and is powered by Microsoft. It has become a rather sophisticated mobile gambling platform.

While Windows Phone (WP) and Windows Mobile are not compatible with each other, the many Windows casino apps you find available on the Internet today will generally work with either of those operating systems. One of the big benefits of Windows casino apps for your mobile device is the familiarity the operating system offers you. The Microsoft Windows OS is far and away the most pervasive in the world when it comes to desktop and laptop PCs. For years PC owners have become used to the multi-window functionality and interface that Microsoft's Windows operating system has delivered. Because of this, many potential buyers of smartphones and tablets preferred those mobile devices which use the WP operating system, since it is very similar to the PC OS they have already been using for years.

This means that Windows online casino apps for your Microsoft Surface tablet PC will be very easy to transition to when you move from your Microsoft powered desktop to that mobile experience. And the online casino experience for your Nokia Lumia 1020 smartphone will be just as recognizable, as will any mobile device running a WP operating system.

The same holds true for Apple fans who use Apple driven devices across the board. When you are comfortable with a specific type of technology on your computer, you are likely to gravitate towards that same platform for your mobile technology needs. These consumers would of course seek out iPhone casinos and iPad casinos, while the BlackBerry buffs will naturally gravitate to the BlackBerry casino apps for their mobile gambling access. Some players are not operating system driven but rather delivery system driven, and there are those individuals who are undeniably wed to Facebook casino apps for their venue of choice.

The Windows Phone Store (previously called the Windows Phone Marketplace) is Microsoft's digital distribution platform for downloading mobile applications, and the majority of these apps have been created by third party developers. You can also find mobile Windows applications that deliver the virtual casino experience at your favorite online casino, either offered through QR code access, as a clickable link for play on your mobile web browser, or as a download to your device.

It is probably from your preferred online casino that you will be downloading a Windows mobile casino app. That is because the Windows Phone Store explicitly forbids "illegal gambling applications" from inclusion in its mobile store. Since the fine line between legality and illegality depends on the location of the person accessing an application, most developers simply decide not to bother with attempting to get their real money gambling app included in the WP Store. However, there are a few real money gambling applications found in that particular App Store. The exact wording Microsoft uses in describing what is and what is not allowable states that, "Apps that enable legal gambling in the applicable jurisdiction where legal gambling is allowed may be permitted."

Obviously, this ambiguity means there are very few real money Windows casino games app downloads available in the official WP Store. Because of this, Internet casino owners and management teams have built their websites with very specific Windows mobile casino access through the alternative methods we mentioned above, providing a high quality gaming experience through your favorite games, including Windows blackjackWindows slots, roulette and more. The same is true for Windows mobile sports betting sites as well.

Steps To Accessing Windows Casinos and Apps

1. Simply select one of the trusted Windows casinos from the list below.

2. Register for an account using the 'Join Now' or 'Play Now' buttons you see on their site. You will be prompted to enter some personal information, such as name, address, and birth date, which only takes few moments.

3. Once your account is registered and confirmed, you can then look for the mobile tab or button access on their site. By selecting the mobile casino access, you will be directed to either a hotlink, downloadable application, or a QR code which you simply scan with your smartphone or tablet.

4. Once you've practiced and feel comfortable with the mobile gaming interface, you can make a real money deposit and start playing for money. Be sure to review any bonus or promotional terms so that you understand the steps to claiming any free bonus offers.

Top Real Money Casino Apps

Compatible With Windows Devices

#Site NameCompatibilityBonusUSARatingReview
USA Casinos
1Bovada LogoiPhone, iPad, Android, Windows$3,000USA AcceptedVisit Site Review
2Slotslv LogoiPhone, iPad, Android, Windows$5,000USA AcceptedVisit Site Review
3Cafe LogoiPhone, iPad, Android, Windows$5,000USA AcceptedVisit Site Review
4Ignition LogoiPhone, iPad, Android, Windows$2,000USA AcceptedVisit Site Review
5Cherry Jackpot LogoiPhone, iPad, Android, Windows$20,000USA AcceptedVisit Site Review
Non USA Casinos
USD $ / British Pound Sterling £ / Euros €
1Bet365 LogoiPhone, iPad, Android, WindowsUSA Not AcceptedVisit Site Review

For players who like some variety, you may also want to check out our information on Windows mobile poker as well.

Real Money Windows Casinos - Mobile Web Browser or Download Experience?

Real money gambling on the Internet has been around since the early 1990s, and it has become more popular as more and more people purchase smartphones and Tablet PCs. Real money gambling apps are now one of the most widely used access points for online gambling. Before the birth of the smartphone, web surfers had to enjoy Internet gambling on their desktop PCs. The vast majority of these computers ran on the Windows operating system, so casino lovers got used to this particular interface. In the mobile computing environment we enjoy today, access to that same familiar Microsoft powered operating system is now available through the WP OS platform on your mobile device. The powerful processors and huge displays on devices like the Nokia Lumia 1520 Windows Phone tablet PC deliver extreme speed, reliability and audio-visual excellence, but your experience is still only as good as the Windows mobile casino apps you access.

And the vast majority of legitimate and reliable Windows casinos are going to be offered through an instant play mobile web browser platform or application download, with both of these options found on the main website of your preferred Internet casino. Just remember, simply because a particular website offers support for your Windows powered device does not mean that particular website or company has your best interests at heart. You should always undertake an extensive review process before you wager real money, both online and off. Identifying where an Internet casino has been licensed, what type of mobile gambling software is used, and the security steps that site takes to protect you is something you should understand before you whip out your plastic and make a deposit. Gamblers in the United States and other countries should also be certain that the particular website they are using is legally registered and certified to offer Internet casino gambling for real money in their particular jurisdiction.

But once you have satisfied yourself that you are at a legitimate online casino, like the Windows casinos listed on this page, you need to choose between instant play and download access. Many of the more reputable and reliable online casinos will allow you to play Windows casino games directly on your mobile browser, and also offer a choice for a much richer and more complete download experience. Understand that either choice will deliver the familiar WP operating system, so the interface will be recognizable and easy to use. The choice is entirely up to you, and may depend on where you are playing. For example, if you are on a smartphone or tablet that is not your own, you will probably want to simply play in your mobile web browser rather than making a software download.

And on your personal tablet PC or smartphone, we recommend that if a download is available, you take that route. The dual core and quad core central processors on the smartphones and Tablet PCs today are incredibly fast and reliable. Your Windows powered mobile device most probably also has tons of onboard storage space, and ample RAM memory. Because of this, the free Windows casino game apps offered by your preferred online casino frequently deliver a more complete experience than their web browser version. All you have to do is register for an account and then gain access through the mobile QR code, link or tab found at the top of your casino's home page, and follow the screen prompts to download the required software to your Windows device. The steps for accessing Windows casinos and casino apps are presented in more detail in portion of content above the featured casinos table.

We are lifelong online gamblers ourselves, and specifically developed this site to discuss and review potential real money gambling apps that are proprietary to the different operating systems found on the most popular mobile devices of the day. We also understand that if you are looking for a Windows casino games app download or Windows mobile casino with a web browser experience, you may not have the necessary time required to work through an exhaustive review of a particular site. We have done that work for you. The applications and websites we list on this page support the Windows Phone mobile operating system, and some may even support the older Windows Mobile OS. All of the options we offer are guaranteed to be legitimate and reliable, offer a wide range of banking options, protect your information and transaction data with secure 128 bit SSL data encryption technology, while still delivering an exciting and enjoyable virtual casino experience.

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