Ethereum Sports Betting Apps

Almost everyone who bets sports online in 2024 bets sports on their mobile devices. That’s only natural. Just as naturally, more and more bettors are turning to cryptocurrency to handle all their deposits and withdrawals. And if you bet with crypto, chances are good that you bet with Ethereum (ticker symbol ETH).

Every major sportsbook operator supports ETH, and their mobile Ethereum sports betting apps are more popular than ever. This is especially true now that Ethereum 2.0 has launched, making ETH transfers and ETH fees even faster and cheaper.

Ethereum Gambling Apps

Of course, if you’re going to bet sports with Ethereum using your mobile device, there are a few things to know. First and foremost, you’ll want to make sure you join a legit online sportsbook. Just because sites advertise themselves as Ethereum gambling apps, that doesn’t mean they’re automatically trustworthy or safe.

There are lots of online betting scams out there, and scam betting sites love advertising crypto support. The operators we recommend, on the other hand, are all trusted and established in the industry, making them the first choice for ETH sports betting online.

Best Ethereum Sports Betting Apps For 2024

Bet On Sports With ETH

4.9 / 5

75% Up To $750

4.6 / 5

50% Up To $1,000

4.5 / 5

100% Max $350

4.4 / 5

20% Up To $500

4.2 / 5

150% Up To $750

Types Of Ethereum Sports Betting Apps Available In 2024

Just a few years ago, the online betting experience differed substantially depending on the mobile operating system and smartphone/tablet platform you used. iPhone betting apps looked different from Android betting apps, and both of those looked very different from their desktop or laptop counterparts. With today’s real-money gambling apps, that’s no longer the case.

Now, everything is pretty much the same regardless of the actual hardware you’re using. Everything in 2024 is web-based, and all the sites we recommend utilize dynamic, responsive design technologies. No matter which device you’re using, which browser you’re using, and how big (or small) your screen is, you’re going to get the same menus, the same touchscreen controls, and – most importantly – the same exact betting odds no matter what.

As long as you use a current web browser – such as Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc. – you’ll be able to wager without missing a beat. The only real requirement is that you keep your device and mobile browser updated. This guarantees the best possible security and encryption. Yes, Ethereum sports betting is already quantum-hacking resistant, but extra safety is always a good thing. Especially when you’re in the backfield against someone like Tom Brady or Patrick Mahomes...


Ethereum Sports Betting For iPhone

The iPhone is by far the most popular mobile device for online sports betting, and domestic US sportsbooks make their iPhone sports betting apps a priority. You can download these from the App Store, but there’s a catch: Domestic real-money iPhone gambling apps are geofenced to their individual states of operation and they do not support Ethereum sportsbook deposits or payouts!

International betting sites, though, allow for refined, streamlined iPhone sports betting without dedicated app downloads, and they universally allow ETH for both deposits and withdrawals. In other words, if you want to bet on sports with Ethereum – and if you want to use your iPhone to do it – you can only do so at the reputable gambling operators featured here. All iPhone models are supported provided they have an Internet connection and an up-to-date web browser such as mobile Safari.

Android logo

Ethereum Sports Betting for Android

Android has a larger market share than iPhone in 2024, but that’s because there are so many more smartphone and tablet devices to choose from. Android sports betting, as you might imagine, is accordingly prevalent. US sportsbooks know this, so they always develop Android-optimized gambling apps alongside their Apple offerings. But as with iPhone apps, these Android apps are geographically restricted and do not support Ethereum betting.

But that doesn’t matter because you don’t actually need a special Android sportsbook app. Remember, the best international online sportsbooks work via web browsers like Chrome. You can visit any site here, log in, and bet Ethereum on sports to your heart’s – and your ETH wallet’s – content. You don’t even need the latest and greatest Samsung Galaxy model, either. As long as you can get online, you can bet online.

Other Mobile Ethereum Sportsbooks

It’s no secret that most real-money gambling apps/web apps – especially those for legal online sports betting – are made primarily for iPhones and Androids. Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android OS make up 99% of the global mobile market. Sure, some low end “feature phones” might technically be able to access online sportsbook sites, but very few people use these for browser-based activities. Plus, good luck making Ethereum gambling transfers with one of those things.

The only other mobile platform that Ethereum sportsbooks commonly cater to is iPadOS. While iPad gambling apps are more often used for online casino games rather than online sports betting, the iPad works well enough for the latter. The only real knock on iPad sports betting is that the tablet is less portable than the iPhone. Plus, if you have an iPad, you probably have an iPhone, too.

Note: If you’re still rocking a Windows Phone or a Blackberry or some other weird old tech, it may be able to run modern betting websites, albeit much more slowly than newer options. Still, we don’t really recommend it. Any device you use that involves the transfer of money/crypto really needs to be up to date in terms of software security, encryption, browser tech, etc.

Deposits - Funding Your ETH Sportsbook Account

There are numerous benefits to using crypto to bet sports online. Some of these are unique to Ethereum while others are universal to all sports betting cryptocurrencies. When you use Ethereum for mobile online sports betting, you’ll get all the following perks:

  • Deposits go through the first time, every time. Ethereum sports betting deposits can never be declined or interrupted, and there’s never any UIGEA interference.
  • ETH 2.0 transactions are faster and cheaper. Ethereum 1.0 was slow and expensive. Ethereum 2.0 is fast and cheap. More money to bet means more money to win!
  • No added deposit fees for ETH transactions. Legit online sportsbook apps never charge added fees for using ETH or other cryptos to make deposits and withdrawals.
  • Enhanced ETH sports betting bonuses. Whenever you deposit with a gambling crypto like Ethereum, you’ll get enhanced betting bonuses worth 2-3X more than standard promos.
  • Increased ETH sportsbook referral bonuses. If you recommend your favorite sportsbook to a friend and they decide to deposit and bet with Ethereum, you’ll get even more free plays.

Ethereum Sports Betting App Payouts

As with deposits, there are several ways that Ethereum makes for a better payout option at the best mobile sports betting sites. These particular benefits hold true for all forms of crypto sports betting, such as Bitcoin sports betting, Litecoin sports betting, and so on.

  • Same-day sports betting payouts. Cryptocurrencies like Ethereum are the only ways to claim and receive same-day payouts at reputable online mobile sportsbook sites.
  • Zero added withdrawal fees. Legit online sportsbooks never charge added processing fees for Ethereum/crypto payouts, even though such payouts are always expedited.
  • More bang for your sports betting buck. Because crypto is volatile, you can take advantage of changes in the daily Ethereum value when cashing out your online betting balance.
  • Sky-high Ethereum investment potential. Ethereum is the number-two crypto after Bitcoin, and that’s not going to change. However, the ETH price is definitely going to change – upwards!

ETH Sports Betting Bonuses + Promotions

Whether you’re a brand new online gambler or you’re merely making a fresh deposit to bet on this week’s games, using Ethereum to top up your account will earn you bigger bonuses than using traditional banking options. Crypto deposits generally yield 200-300% more online sports betting free plays, and they almost always come with the same low rollover rates.

As such, we always recommend betting with Ethereum/crypto, and we always, always recommend accepting the following optional online sportsbook bonuses whenever they’re offered:

  • Ethereum Sports Betting Sign-Up Bonus
  • Ethereum Sports Betting Reload Bonus
  • Ethereum Sports Betting Refer-A-Friend Bonus

FAQs About Using Ethereum Sports Betting Apps

There are no limits to the sports you can bet on with Ethereum.

All the real-money gambling apps we recommend support Ethereum sports betting deposits and withdrawals, and they all have robust books featuring games and leagues from around the world.

You’ll also get live betting lines for all the most popular sports (NFL, NBA, MLB, soccer, golf, tennis, etc.), and you can make your own proposition bets using these venues’ exclusive custom prop builder tools.

You can even bet on other markets, as these sites offer entertainment odds, political odds, current events odds, and more.


Live sports betting has become one of the biggest and most popular segments of the sports gambling market.

In fact, the popularity of live sports gambling is due in large part to the popularity of mobile sports betting. Now, whenever and wherever you’re watching a game, you can bet on it in mere seconds using your smartphone or tablet.

And with Ethereum 2.0’s improved transfer speed, you can top up your account in real time, too!


While we’re all for domestic online US sportsbooks (shopping lines is always a good idea), it’s no secret that they’re much less adaptable and feature-rich than trusted international options.

Crypto support in particular is exclusive to the international market, as domestic sites do not currently – and probably will never – legally support cryptocurrency deposits or withdrawals.

If you want to bet with Ethereum, local online books have all but closed the book on that option.

Yes and no.

The Ethereum vs. Bitcoin debate is probably never going to end, especially since the platforms are so different. But when it comes to betting, they both work the same way, and there are pros and cons to each.

For example, Bitcoin might have better investment potential than Ethereum, but Ether transfers and Ether fees are much smaller now that the ETH platform has transitioned to 2.0.

We recommend using whichever coin you have on hand or whichever coin is trading at the lower price when you make your online betting deposit.

No. But it’s one of them.

Just like we can’t really choose a winner in the ETH vs. BTC debate, it’s hard to pick one supreme online betting crypto coin. All the mobile betting sites we use and recommend support multiple crypto options, and none of them is a poor choice.

Which coin you use should come down to several factors, including availability, current price, projected value, speed, fees, and so on.

Not automatically.

Unlike domestic sportsbooks in the US, overseas/international sportsbooks will not report your winnings to the IRS.

However, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to. All online gambling winnings and all cryptocurrency gains (when realized upon transfer) are considered taxable income.

Not paying taxes on your Ethereum sportsbook gambling winnings is the one bet we recommend you never make.


In the past, mobile gambling apps required bettors to withdraw in the same cryptocurrency they used to deposit. Today, though, that limitation on withdrawals has been withdrawn!

All the top sites allow members to claim their winnings in any supported payout method regardless of the deposit method used. You can deposit with ETH and claim Bitcoin payouts, you can deposit with a cashier’s check and claim ETH payouts, and so on.

When you bet sports online with Ethereum, you’re no longer limited to online Ethereum sports betting!