BlackBerry Video Poker And Real Money Casino Apps

Blackberry LogoIn 2005 the very first BlackBerry with high-speed Internet arrived in the form of the 8700. The BlackBerry Bold released in 2008 delivered a full QWERTY keyboard and 3G Internet access, as well as the option to download a limited number of apps. And the official BlackBerry OS was discontinued after the release of version 10.0, but that operating system is still supported. Company recognized applications and games are available in BlackBerry World, but the company does not offer real money video poker and other Blackberry gambling application access through that app store.

Since the BlackBerry operating system is a closed source and proprietary, there are no licensed third-party developers delivering gambling apps that provide wagering with real money. But real money gambling through BlackBerry video poker apps and software is still offered by a few of the top Blackberry mobile casinos and sportsbooks, through direct website access.

Other Reputable Video Poker Apps

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Where Can I Get BlackBerry Compatible Video Poker Apps That Offer Real Money Gambling?

Whether you are the proud owner of the BlackBerry Curve 9360, a BlackBerry Z10 or PlayBook tablet, there are video poker apps which deliver legal real money betting options. But as we pointed out above, these are not available for download from BlackBerry World. And since BlackBerry does not open its operating system to third-party developers for cash wagering apps and games, as its source code is closed, you must access any type of real money gambling application or website through the BlackBerry 10 web browser. While many websites offer video poker and other casino games for real money gambling, you would be wise to only frequent those legally licensed and trustworthy cyber casinos which support BlackBerry devices.

How Do I Know if A Particular Blackberry Mobile Casino App Is Legitimate?

The only way to understand whether a particular video poker casino is operating on the web with legal licensing is to do a little research. (We have done the homework for you, and list the top choices here.) A few US states allow you to legally wager real money on video poker, blackjack, slots and other casino games online. The stipulation is you must play through the sites which are certified and registered in that particular state, and you must be located inside those state boundaries. This currently prohibits the vast majority of US citizens from legally playing video poker on their BlackBerry, as far as US companies are concerned. There are also other countries which frown on Internet gambling, but not all jurisdictions or countries forbid adults from responsibly playing their favorite casino games online for real money.

There are a handful of reputable, safe and secure offshore jurisdictions which license Internet casinos for legal web gambling. That means whether you own a discontinued BlackBerry Pearl 9100 series handset, or a brand-new BlackBerry PlayBook running the BlackBerry tablet OS, you can access real money gambling video poker, slots, blackjack and other Las Vegas style games. You simply fire up the web browser on your particular BlackBerry device and enter the URL of one of the top, legally licensed web casinos we recommend. Alternately, if you are on your BlackBerry smartphone or tablet right now, simply click on the links provided to enjoy a generous welcome bonus and either instant play or download BlackBerry video poker experience.

Do Web Based Video Poker Apps for BlackBerry Devices Require A Download?

The official definition of application software for computers (apps) is any software or coding which provides tasks and operations outside of the ability of the native system software. And when the popular saying "There's an app for that" began appearing everywhere, that generally referred to a download of some kind. Sometimes legitimately certified and registered Internet casinos which support BlackBerry will require a software download to your device. But for the most part, instant play, web browser access will be an available option. This means that your video poker, sportsbook or blackberry slots experience is immediate, and does not require you to wait for a download of any sort. And the most popular video poker games, like Deuces Wild and Jacks or Better, are offered in both traditional and progressive variations.

It is impossible to see what the future will bring regarding BlackBerry's attitude towards offering real money gambling apps at BlackBerry World. But as long as there are responsible and dependable web casinos which cater to the BlackBerry, iOS, Android, Windows Phone and other mobile operating systems, US and global cyber gamblers will always have a viable alternative. Some apps require a download, and some are coded into site software. But the bottom line is that playing BlackBerry video poker for real money is currently a legal option for US and international owners of BlackBerry smartphones and PlayBook tablets.

Interesting Factoid About Playing Video Poker - Your Expected Value (EV) on any given hand can run higher than 100% on average when you play a basic or advanced video poker strategy on your BlackBerry smartphone or PlayBook.

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