Video Game Simulation Betting Stimulates Isolated Coronavirus Gamblers

Madden Football Game Displayed On An iPhone

The commissioners of major sports leagues are preparing to jump-start their seasons again in the near future, but the sports betting drought continues to sap the hydration from gambling fanatics across the country.

With COVID-19 related stay-at-home orders remaining in-tact in many regions of the United States, legions of bettors are relying on real money gambling apps to fill the void.

But what do they use these apps on if no sports are occurring and none are scheduled to begin for at least four more weeks? The recent phenomenon of betting on video game simulations has been put forth as an offering from the sports betting gods.

The mobile gambling apps supplied by the top online sportsbooks are offering odds on video game simulations for football, basketball, soccer, and mixed martial arts fighting. TMZ reports that online betting sites are seeing increased action of video game simulation betting over the last few weeks.

The games used to facilitate these simulated contents are popular video game franchises such as Madden 20, NBA 2K20, FIFA 20, and UFC 3.

The odds that are offered from these video game sims betting sites look similar to the lines that bettors would see when wagering on the NBA or the NFL, with spreads, money lines, and totals. Games are broadcast via Twitch streams over the internet, and typically feature full quarter length play.

This is a significant departure from other simulated sports betting options, such as virtual sports. Although both varieties offer simulated sports play, the software differs, with virtual games opting for generic players and teams that do not accurately depict any organizations or athletes in the real world.

Another new betting option to hit offshore sportsbooks is eSports, which pits human competitors against each other in the realm of video games. eSports utilizes the same gaming software as video game simulations, but with the betting odds focusing on the talent of the human gamers combined with the team and athletes chosen to play with.

Regardless of which simulated sport mobile gamers decide to wager on, all of them can be played on Apple and Android devices. These betting sites feature software that is designed to adhere to the functions and dimensions of all current major mobile devices through web apps.

These web apps don’t require a download or any special software. All that is needed is an up to date mobile browser and the URL of a popular online gambling site. Once the browser arrives at the virtual game of choice, the software takes over and converts mobile phones into portable sportsbooks.

Bettors can view the action and place a wager on the betting lines below the screen, all inside of the same compact mobile screen. The best part about these new categories is that they are available to wager on at all times of the day.

eSports competitions tend to occur during daylight hours and last on into the evening. Video game simulations and virtual sports recur throughout the day and provide the opportunity to place a wager on sports action first thing in the morning or in the middle of the night, from the convenience of almost anywhere in the USA with an internet connection.