Gambling Apps Come To Puerto Rico On Sunday For A Super Bowl Special

Puerto Rico Super Bowl betting

Puerto Rico has been officially added to the list of U.S. mobile sports betting locations. And on Sunday, bettors on the island are invited to take part in a special Super Bowl debut at Condado’s Casino del Mar at the La Concha Resort.

Condado Welcomes PR’s First Sportsbook

Casino del Mar will be partnering with BetMGM for all future sportsbook operations, as per their agreement in September of 2021. It will host both in-person and online betting at its beachside location.

The casino now holds the first and only license in the territory. However, the license is only provisional and operations will only last through the duration of the event.

Still, that won’t be the end of betting for Puerto Ricans.

Sunday’s event will be a preview of what’s to come for the island. Residents have long-awaited the arrival of mobile gambling apps. Despite having authorized legal betting in 2019, the gaming commission did not open applications for prospective operators until November 2021.

And while Casino del Mar may have an advantage by being the sole host of Sunday’s Super Bowl betting, the location’s exclusive betting privileges won’t be around forever.

Competition Makes For Fruitful Returns

Two other casino locations are expected to kick off sports betting operations in the coming months. And while the prospect of three competitors isn’t exactly competitive, the industry won’t lack diversity for long. The Puerto Rico Gaming Commission may distribute up to seven additional licenses.

The industry is expected to be especially successful in Puerto Rico as the territory kept consistent tourism, even after the initial devastation of COVID-19.

With mobile betting, patrons simply need an iPhone or Android device to access a wide array of sports betting lines. And, as seen in states on the mainland, mobile betting is a surefire way for any economy to extract multi-million-dollar revenues.

Industry analysts predict that total sports betting revenues in Puerto Rico could eclipse an annual estimate of $30 million. The island will collect 20%  of these revenues and put the funding towards Puerto Rico’s retirement system.

Betting On Sunday And Beyond

The Executive Director for the island’s gaming commission made the following comments on the matter:

“Sports betting represents a new business model for everyone on the island, especially for the capital city, which will be the first municipality with this type of activity. This will represent an important collection for the treasury and an economic flow for local businesses.”

Orlando Rivera, Executive Director of the PRGC

With real money gambling on the island, bettors have a lot to look forward to. But most of the action won’t be coming for a while. So if you can make your way to Condado, do it!

We’re not sure when sportsbooks will be back but, when they are, we’ll be the first to let you know!

Source: News Is My Business