FanDuel CEO Nigle Eccles Stepping Down To Pursue eSports Venture

CEO of FanDuel Nigel Eccles

Nigle Eccles, the CEO of FanDuel, one of the largest Daily Fantasy Sports providers in the country, announced he is stepping down from the company. The announcement came via a company press release. Eccles is reportedly leaving to work on his next venture, which is supposed to also deal with eSports.

Eccles wrote in his press release that Matt King, the former CFO of the company, will be replacing him as CEO. Eccles spoke highly of King in his message and believes FanDuel is left in good hands. Eccles also expressed the company’s position as doing well and close to reaching profitability in the last quarter of the year.

FanDuel is a revolutionary product in the world of real money gambling apps. It, along with main competitor DraftKings, found a loophole for US citizens to bet on sports legally. As things stand now, FanDuel is second to DraftKings, but these 2 companies own the lion’s share of the market. FanDuel is in a good place and appears to be making continued strides towards improvement amidst constant legal struggles.

Many states have outlawed DFS as a form of illegal betting. FanDuel has been aggressively lobbying against these states in hopes of getting DFS legalized. Their efforts have been successful, as the number of states outlawing DFS is on the decline. In the world of mobile sports betting, they are a strong option, but not the only option.

People interested in mobile betting can find real money sports betting apps for iPhones and Androids. These apps combine casino gambling, poker and sports betting. So, where DraftKings and FanDuel are limited in their type of sports betting offerings, other real money gambling apps provide more comprehensive suites. It is unclear whether FanDuel or DraftKings would move in a similar direction, but the current US gambling legal landscape bars them from doing so anyway.

Perhaps this is why Eccles is stepping down, because he sees the limitations placed on the current DFS market. If his new venture is anything like the real money gambling apps reviewed here, there could be some more competition introduced into the market. Only time will tell what Eccles’ next move is, but the eSports market is considered wide open and ripe for the taking.

If the US government decides to up its ante on enforcing DFS, it could potentially drive FanDuel and DraftKings out of existence. However, this seems unlikely given the refined stance on sports betting in general. If you are curious about sports betting options outside of DFS, consider trying a real money gambling app with a full-blown online sportsbook.