Caesars Palace Unveils New Mobile Gambling App

caesars sportsbook app launches

Coming on the heels of national gambling and sports betting expansion, Caesars Entertainment is looking into a new business venture: mobile gambling apps.

The entertainment group, most notable for their Las Vegas hotel and casino, has finally broken ground on a mobile gambling app titled “Caesars Sportsbook.”

More than breaking ground, they’ve launched the app! But not without an outrageous advertising campaign starring JB Smoove with features from other celebrities such as Patton Oswald.

COVID Prompts New Solutions

Post-COVID, many casinos and entertainment groups have been bleeding out due to restrictions that kept casinos shut for over a year. Some of Nevada’s most notable casinos remain closed with no inclination to reopen.

Caesars felt the heat from the COVID closures and will reportedly be selling one of their resort properties in 2022. Even with re-openings, patrons are staying home and bringing their business to remote gambling options.

Considering the Delta surge we’re seeing worldwide, investing in a mobile gambling app may be Caesars saving grace.

App Development & Promotion

After the group’s acquisition of William Hill (another US-based mobile sportsbook) earlier this year, they dissolved the WH app and poured those resources – along with its gambling software – into this new project.

This is advantageous for the group as “Caesars” is a household name in the US and stands to garner even more popularity than the William Hill app.

Fortunately, Caesars Entertainment released this app just in time for NFL season. Because Caesars Entertainment is the official casino sponsor of the NFL, you can expect to see advertisements for the app plastered across TV screens as preseason football begins.

This, in tandem with the huge promos the group is offering, will likely bring in a slew of new sports betters to the app.

But is Caesars Sportsbook a truly viable option for mobile gamblers and sports bettors?

State-Based vs Offshore

Well, to start, the app will offer bonuses that can be used at Caesars land-based locations. The feature is unique to Caesars, as the majority of its competitors do not have land-based casinos to supplement that kind of promo.

Just like any new app, users should expect a brief period of adjustment in which developers will be fixing any bugs or kinks.

While Caesars is a reputable organization, they are extremely large. If a player should lose money due to a bug, it may take a while to be reimbursed for whatever was lost.

Due to varying gambling laws throughout different US states, the app will only be available in eight states at launch: Colorado, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, New Jersey, Nevada, Virginia, and West Virginia.

For now, we recommend sticking to offshore online and mobile sportsbooks.

While the prospect of state-based mobile gambling is exciting, the most reputable offshore sportsbooks and casinos have been around for several decades and have rolled out far more betting markets than you’ll find with domestic operators.

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