Facebook sports betting is available through free play applications, but not currently for real money gambling. That is because Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has decided it would be difficult to ensure that any money wagered on sporting events through the world's largest social networking site could not be done in such a way as to guarantee under-aged participants could be blocked. You may recall that virtual game maker Zynga was planning on launching some real money gambling apps in the online casino venue on Facebook, but that company decided to pull out of all real money gambling activities in the United States. There are still some real money casino games offered in the UK and other parts of the world, but currently the United States does not offer wagering on popular professional sports leagues like the NFL or NBA through a sports betting Facebook app. US players run into similar obstacles with other Facebook gambling apps, including casino gambling for Facebook and Facebook poker.

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In the future sports betting app downloads may become a reality, and when they do we will certainly highlight and review the offerings available, and then make our recommendations as to the most viable Facebook sportsbook application or game we feel delivers the most reliable and enjoyable experience. And as we mentioned above, in the UK sports bettors can place an MLB money line bet, make a wager on the NCAA Final Four Men's Basketball Championship, or try to predict the winner of a horse race through the Paddy Power sports betting app on Facebook. But in the UK, that Irish bookmaker has an online presence with its own dedicated website already, so Internet sports bettors will probably be inclined to go to the official website instead of accessing sports wagering through Facebook.

The future of Facebook sports betting for real money in the United States will always look dismal as long as the Department of Justice frowns on any type of Internet sports wagering that involves a real money bet. The DOJ did decide that each individual state could develop its own online gambling destiny, but that was as long as sports betting is not involved. And if placing a wager on the NFL Super Bowl or MLB World Series for "fun money" is something you would enjoy, there is more than one sports betting Facebook app for you to turn to. For the beginning gambler, this is a great way to hone your skills without risking any money.

However, for dedicated sports bettors who happen to live in the United States or some other country where Facebook sports betting for real money is not a reality, there are legitimate and reliable options. There are still those limited number of offshore sportsbooks which have been legally registered in municipalities and other locations where Internet gambling is legal and accepted. Internet sportsbooks who obtain licensing in these gambling-friendly jurisdictions offer access to NHL, NFL and MLB gambling, they cover all of the other major sports, and even offer access to less popular and more regional sports gambling opportunities on darts, rugby, cricket and horse racing.

This is currently the best alternative to searching for a sports betting app on Facebook which allows you to make a real money wager. These offshore locations also reward you with generous welcome bonus money and often continue to give player incentives and rewards long after you have signed up. So if you are looking for options to Facebook sports betting online, we have compiled a list of the top rated, legally licensed offshore sportsbooks which offer competitive lines, sides and totals, offer futures and prop bets, and cover all of the major sports leagues played around the world. Just click through one of the recommended sites listed here, and enjoy a Facebook alternative to reliable, safe and secure sports betting.

Real Money Sports Betting Apps For Facebook

Gambling App Compatibility Bonus USA Rating
At this time we do not have any real money Facebook sports betting options to feature here. While social network based sports betting for real money may not be available at this time, there are a handful of mobile sports betting sites that are optimized to be accessed from a variety of mobile devices. These include iPhone sports betting, Android sports betting, Windows sports betting and BlackBerry sports betting.
Bovada Sports iPhone, iPad, Android $250 USA Accepted 5 Star Rating
BetOnline Sports iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows $1,000 USA Accepted 5 Star Rating
SportsBetting.ag iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows $1,000 USA Accepted 5 Star Rating
Bookmaker iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry $300 USA Accepted 4 Star Rating
DSI Sportsbook iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows $300 USA Accepted 4 Star Rating
Bet365 Sports iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows €100 USA Not Accepted 4 Star Rating

Is Facebook Sports Betting Legal in the United States?

With more than 1 billion people actively using Facebook each month, it would seem to be the perfect place for real money gambling sports betting applications and games. But currently, Facebook sports betting is illegal, not only in the United States, but in most countries around the world. That is because Facebook recently went public, and CEO Mark Zuckerberg probably does not want to shake the boat in the early going as his company must now please shareholders and industry analysts. In some countries like the UK, a limited number of well-known companies have released applications which allow sports betting on Facebook.

But these Internet sportsbooks are definitely in the exceptional minority. You can find Facebook sports betting apps which allow "fun money" betting alternatives, but these are scarce as well. Facebook understands that the vast portion of its demographic is aged below the legal sports gambling age in most countries. So this has something to do with the fact that sports betting Facebook app access for real money gambling is currently not legally available in the United States. But what about us responsible US adult sports bettors that would love to place a wager on an MLB or NCAA sporting contest online? Are we shut out simply because of where we live? Not at all.

In the early days of Internet gambling, back in the 1990's, there was a Wild West atmosphere online. Sports betting and Internet casino sites which offered real gambling consistently crashed, either took their time paying out their customers or simply didn't pay them at all, and came and went quickly. You had to be very careful back in those days, but the regulation which exists in countries like the United States, while limiting online betting and casino gambling opportunities, has actually made those sites which offer alternatives to sports betting on Facebook more legitimate.

This is because the few sportsbooks which are certified and licensed in legal online gambling jurisdictions understand that they are offering the product which is not available everywhere. Because of this, they strive to deliver an experience which is attractive to Facebook users and other Web servers in the United States and other countries where online sports betting opportunities are minimal. Internet sportsbooks these days are owned by large corporations with an eye on the bottom-line, and they understand that keeping you happy as a customer by providing competitive lines, generous welcome bonuses and speedy payouts, they will have a sports betting customer for life.

These legitimate and secure offshore Internet sportsbooks will never require you to download a sports betting app on Facebook or some other social network. Their websites are integrated with special responsive software to instantly format a custom-made user interface to your particular mobile or desktop PC display size. You can access them from a smartphone, tablet or other mobile PC, and while they cover the major sports like the NFL, NHL and NBA, they also provide access to minor sports like NASCAR and other motorsports, darts, rugby and soccer, and some even support gambling on reality shows like the X Factor and The Voice. Legal Facebook sports betting may become a reality sometime in the future in the United States and other countries. But currently the smart sports bettor will choose legitimately licensed Internet sportsbooks which have been offering a safe and secure online sports gambling experience for years, and we have compiled a list of the top such websites here on this page.

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