Price Of Apple Watch Drops By $200

Apple iWatch

One of the biggest problems with the Apple Watch and other smart watches is that they don’t really do anything that you can’t use a smartphone for. Moreover, they require a smartphone to be on your person or nearby to function a majority of the time, so there’s not really much use in getting one for most people. To make that even more of a problem, it’s extremely pricey, but the stainless steel model has seen a price drop of $200 at some stores with the Apple Watch Sport dropping by $50 at the same time.

Big Best Buy Sale

Best Buy is a huge electronics retailer in North America and other parts of the world, and these price drops are a part of a massive sale they are having on the lower level and mid-level versions of the Apple Watch. This comes during a time when companies like Apple have been trying to get “wearable technology” like this to catch on, which has mostly been a futile effort up until now. Consumers don’t really care about the Apple Watch because it doesn’t provide enough value for the huge price, which is often more than the cost of their smartphones themselves.

Other Issues With Smart Watches

While the smartphone craze has been approaching a saturation point for the past couple of years, another issue with smart watches is that they simply aren’t as widely available. A ton of phone carriers offer subsidy plans where individuals can get a smartphone for a very low cost, or a cost that’s spread out over several months (or years) as long as they take on a contract for cellular service. No widespread problem like this is available for smart watch users, and that’s another issue with distribution over all.

The Lack of Demand for Smart Watch Slots

Because the smart watch thing isn’t really catching on, companies like Microgaming, who are typically the first to really jump on new technologies for their games, have been pretty limited in their response as far as releasing games for these devices. While they do have a product available, you can count the total number of games they have ported to the devices on a single hand and not use all of your fingers. Since few people have the devices, there is no demand for the games, and because no one is really rushing out to get them at any significant pace, there’s not really an incentive for them to try to get ahead of the competition by releasing more games for them. Microgaming’s mobile gambling optionsare still the leader in this space, but don’t expect much in the way of smart watch mobile betting options.

An Effective Failure for Mobile Gaming

The smartwatch experiment has largely been seen as a failure as far as mobile gambling goes because it hasn’t caught on, and there isn’t really any push from any direction to get things going anymore than they already are. However, dropping the price of these devices, as is the case with Best Buy’s sale (which will likely lead to other similar sales at other retail outlets and a general downward price trend) could drastically help the situation. The point is that as the prices go down, demand goes up, and the more that people have these devices, the more of a market there can be for mobile gambling with them.

With all of that having been said, they’re going to have to really move some units to get gambling with wearable technology up to being anything resembling a significant portion of the market because at the moment, it’s really not.