Facebook casinos which allow you to play for real money are not available to US players as of this writing. Be sure to check back frequently, because the latest legislation in the United States has become more friendly to online gambling. The Department of Justice in the US has decided to allow each individual state to decide its own online gambling future, and New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware have all decided to offer online gambling in some form. No doubt gambling for real money through Facebook casino games will be an option in the future for players in America, but currently it is only offered in a few other countries. However, since the presence of popular free play games by developers like Zynga have literally millions of frequent players, the ability to move to real money gaming would be a quick transition, and we will keep you posted when it arrives in the United States. US players will have to stick with mobile casino games presented on the primary mobile platforms, such as iPhone casinos and Android casinos.

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Facebook casino apps traditionally offer free play options, but Delaware is the first state in the US to decide to launch mobile Facebook online casino apps from their virtual Facebook casino. However, these games will offer free play only. This is obviously a way for that state to position itself for the time when real money gambling on Facebook in the US becomes a reality. And international gambling giants like Paddy Power already deliver sportsbook betting through Facebook in the UK and other international carriers. The allure of Facebook to potential online gambling website owners is obviously the hundreds of millions of Facebook patrons who consistently already play free money casino games on that social network. The volume of users was the same driving force for developers to create casino offerings on the various mobile platforms, such as BlackBerry casinos and Windows casinos, as well as tablet casino options for big name brands such as iPad casinos.

The aforementioned Zynga offers real money gambling Facebook casino apps for players in the UK, through their ZyngaPlusPoker and ZyngaPlusCasino platforms. Game play looks extremely similar to the company's free play casino offerings on Facebook, with free cash bonuses offered to initial deposits to attract players away from their free play casinos over to these pay for play Facebook applications. With the United Kingdom, the US state of Delaware and a social gaming power like Zynga all developing a presence for online gambling on Facebook, the world's largest social network is already leaning in favor of offering real money gambling options.

The Facebook mobile casino offered by Delaware is a game changer in the United States for several reasons. This is the first time that one of the 50 US states has developed a gambling product for Facebook, either free play or pay for play. The free money Facebook game is the first of its kind in the United States, beating out competitors Nevada and New Jersey in offering a mobile gambling experience. This is important because the Facebook culture is ingrained in the US every day life, and could be the first step toward delivering real money gambling applications on that social network.

In the meantime, you can still access free Facebook casino apps for free play from your mobile device, whether it is powered by Android, Apple or Windows. And if you happen to live in the UK are one of the other few areas where real money gambling is currently available through Facebook, you can enjoy a browser-powered session or download a Facebook casino games out to your smartphone or tablet. The Facebook gambling landscape is a relatively new and quickly changing entity, and we will keep you posted about real money gambling opportunities on Facebook as they arrive, whether in the United States or around the world.

Real Money Casino Apps For Facebook

Gambling App Compatibility Bonus USA Rating
At this time we do not have any real money Facebook casinos to feature here. We have listed all of the top online casino web based and application based offerings which are optimized for mobile devices. These brands have been vetted by our team of professionals and are guaranteed to be safe, secure, and reliable, as well as delivering an overall high quality gambling experience. You will see supported devices listed next to each brand. If our platform is not listed, it doesn't mean that it won't work on your device, but it may not have been engineered or perfectly optimized specifically for your platform. Often times these still render beautifully.
Bovada Casino iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry $3,000 USA Accepted 5 Star Rating
Bovada Sports iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry $250 USA Accepted 5 Star Rating
BetOnline Sports iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows $1,000 USA Accepted 5 Star Rating
SportsBetting.ag iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows $1,000 USA Accepted 5 Star Rating
Bookmaker iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry $300 USA Accepted 4 Star Rating
DSI Sportsbook iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows $300 USA Accepted 4 Star Rating
Bet365 Casino iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows €200 USA Not Accepted 4 Star Rating
Bet365 Sports iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows €100 USA Not Accepted 4 Star Rating

You can learn more about additional facebook gambling platforms including Facebook poker for real money.

Facebook Casinos for Real Money Gambling - Legal or Not?

1/2 of the internet population (510 million people worldwide) play social games — an increase of 71% since 2010 .

"Are Facebook casinos where you are allowed to play for real money legal?" With the announcement that social networking game developer Zynga was opening online real money poker and casino sites on Facebook in early 2013 in the UK, and followed that up with other online gambling options through Facebook, the many millions of players enjoying free play casinos on the social networking giant began to wonder how they could get involved. If you happen to be confused whether this is legal and available in your area or not, you are definitely not alone, and the legal picture is cloudy at best.

Some individual states in the US have legalized online gambling for their residents and visitors. And as mentioned in the section above, that includes Delaware passing hallmark legislation that led to them build their very own state-sponsored Facebook casino apps, although they are only currently available for free money play. In the United Kingdom and in many other countries outside of the United States, online gambling in virtual casinos and Internet sportsbooks is totally legal. The Dutch version of Facebook will not even allow online gambling advertisements, but the UK Facebook version allows bingo and slots play for cash prizes.

As you can see, the Facebook mobile casino picture is frequently changing and depends on several factors. Your Facebook real money gambling situation depends entirely on where you live and how your local and federal governments feel about online gambling, as well as what CEO Mark Zuckerberg believes is correct for his company's overall marketing goals in a particular country. In 2013, not a single state has decided to legalize real money gambling on Facebook, a choice that is fine with Zuckerberg since it removes the decision making responsibility from his company.

But with countries in other parts of the world already offering free Facebook casino apps and sites for wagering real money, along with the recently much friendlier climate towards Internet gambling in the US, you have to believe that the United States will jump on board sooner rather than later. If you live in the UK, you can currently enjoy multiple real money gambling options on Facebook. But this is far from a universally legalized or disallowed activity. Put simply, wagering real money through a Facebook mobile casino app or on your PC is in its infancy as far as the global picture is concerned.

As gambling industry consultants for years, and online gamblers ourselves, we built this site to keep you informed about the legitimate places to enjoy casino and sports gambling online. We will keep you informed as to the relevancy and legality of Facebook casinos that allow responsible adults to place wagers on different virtual and real world events and games, and will update this page to reflect changing legislation in the US and globally. The good news is that there are multiple real money gambling options available to players in the United States, the UK and elsewhere, which are available for access from your mobile PC, smartphone or desktop computer.

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