Mobile Gambling Apps

Mobile gambling apps are offered for just about every high end OS in operation. There are Windows gambling apps, iPad and iPhone gambling apps, and applications which deliver the mobile gambling experience to Android and BlackBerry smartphones and tablets. There are even gambling apps found on social networks such as Facebook gambling apps. With more than 1 billion people on planet Earth owning a smartphone, and 34% of all adults in the USA owning an iPad or Android tablet, the move to mobile is definitely on, and that includes the online gambling experience. Today's mobile software enables you to play casino games through applications and mobile optimized websites which intelligently adjust for the size of your smaller smartphone or mobile PC display.

While it is visually nicer to access your favorite online casinos from the larger screens on your desktop or laptop, the 24/7 access of the mini computer in your purse or pocket delivers instant connectivity to real money gambling apps for mobile devices. There are several times throughout the day when you probably have a few minutes to spare, and you can use that time to legally wager real money on casino games, or mobile poker action and sporting events. As we mentioned on our homepage there are several different ways that an online casino can offer a fluid experience on your smartphone or tablet.

Mobile gambling can be accessed from a QR code or link to a mobile casino version that is found on the main website of your online casino. First you need to access their registration page and sign up for an account, then simply scan the QR code or click the link after accessing the main website from your smartphone or tablet, and the gambling experience you receive is instantly formatted effectively for your smaller screen and specific mobile operating system. See the instructions below for detailed information. Game developers like Zynga have spent the last few years building up a huge client base of online gamers who enjoy playing casino games for free on social networking sites like Facebook. Those same companies are now creating real mobile gambling apps providing the pay for play experience. Mobile gambling apps span the following mobile operating devices:

iPhone gambling apps - gambling applications developed specifically to operate on the iPhone

iPad gambling apps - gambling applications designed specifically to operate on the iPad

Android gambling apps - gambling applications specifically designed to operate on the Android mobile operating system and supported devices.

Blackberry gambling apps - gambling applications developed to operate on Blackberry mobile devices

Windows gambling apps - gambling applications engineered and optimized to operate on Microsoft Windows mobile devices

The bottom line for the serious gambler is instant Internet access from anywhere to place a bet in a mobile sportsbook,poker room, or online casino. The software and infrastructure is exceptionally safe and secure, but some mobile gambling apps and downloads are obviously better than others. We all have our preferred online casinos and sports books, where we feel safe and secure. Understanding that the mobile gambling market is only going to continue to grow, creating a billion dollar industry, these companies consistently provide mobile options through either the home page on their website, or gambling applications offered in app stores supporting the major mobile operating systems. Below you'll find that we've listed one click access to the mobile gambling experience at some of the premium mobile gambling apps that are available to players. Once you're registered for an account, you can access the gambling app for your mobile device and play for free or for real money.

Steps To Accessing Real Money Gambling Apps Optimized For Mobile Devices

1. Access one of the vetted mobile gambling apps using the link in the table below. All of the mobile casinos and mobile sportsbooks featured below have passed our extensive review process.

2. Register for a player account at the site, and go ahead and make your first deposit if you're ready to move forward, (you can also opt for free play to try them out for free first)

3. Review bonus terms and/or promo and rewards program terms to be sure that you take any steps required for claiming bonuses and any applicable free play before you place a wager.

4. Look for the mobile option from the main menu, and either access via hotlink or scan a QR code if it is available for instant access.

Real Money Gambling Apps

For All Mobile Devices

USA Mobile Gambling Sites - Only sites that show the American flag accept USA players. These are some of the best gambling sites in the industry which have been in business for years with proven track records

#Site NameCompatibilityBonusUSARatingReview
USA Casinos
1Slotslv LogoiPhone, iPad, Android, Windows$5,000USA AcceptedVisit Site Review
2Bovada LogoiPhone, iPad, Android, Windows$3,000USA AcceptedVisit Site Review
3Cafe LogoiPhone, iPad, Android, Windows$5,000USA AcceptedVisit Site Review
4Ignition LogoiPhone, iPad, Android, Windows$2,000USA AcceptedVisit Site Review
5Cherry Jackpot LogoiPhone, iPad, Android, Windows$20,000USA AcceptedVisit Site Review
USA Sportsbooks
1Bovada LogoiPhone, iPad, Android, Windows$250USA AcceptedVisit Site Review
2Betonline Sportsbook And CasinoiPhone, iPad, Android, Windows$2,500USA AcceptedVisit Site Review
3Sports Betting LogoiPhone, iPad, Android, Windows$1,000USA AcceptedVisit Site Review
4GT Bets Sportsbook LogoiPhone, iPad, Android, Windows$500USA AcceptedVisit Site Review
5Bookmaker LogoiPhone, iPad, Android, Windows$300USA AcceptedVisit Site Review
USA Poker Sites
1Bovada LogoiPhone, iPad, Android, Windows$500USA AcceptedVisit Site Review
2Ignition LogoiPhone, iPad, Android, Windows$2,000USA AcceptedVisit Site Review
Non USA Casinos USD $ / British Pound Sterling £ / Euros €
1Bet365 LogoiPhone, iPad, Android, WindowsUSA Not AcceptedVisit Site Review
Non USA Sportsbooks
1Bet365 LogoiPhone, iPad, Android, WindowsUSA Not AcceptedVisit Site Review
Non USA Poker Sites
1Bet365 LogoiPhone, iPad, Android, WindowsUSA Not AcceptedVisit Site Review

App Stores or On-Site Downloads for Your Mobile Gambling Apps?

There were 1.2 billion mobile app users in 2012, and that number is predicted by researches to reach 4.4 billion by the year 2017.

Operating system app stores like Google Play and iTunes are home to literally millions of applications you can download to your smartphone or tablet. And since 2012 saw the absolute explosion of real money gambling apps, you may be wondering if you should download from a well-known mobile operating system app store like the two mentioned above or BlackBerry World, or simply head to your preferred online casino or sportsbook and download the mobile version of their website available there.

Choosing one of the mobile gambling apps which comes from an officially licensed operating system's app store usually offers a safe and secure experience, but that is not guaranteed. Poorly designed pieces of software can still be found on iTunes, as well as the other major app stores. Those download centers usually have reviews attached to every game or application, and you should always consult these. On the flip-side, every online casino will positively rave about their own mobile download experience, regardless how good or bad it is. Our detailed reviews offer the good and bad points of the most popular real money gambling apps, and will reflect an honest appraisal based on first hand experience. Please also keep in mind that the majority of mobile gambling apps found in the major brand app stores are not pay for play, but rather offer free play gaming, which is perfect for players who are looking for some fun to kill time rather than an authentic wagering experience.

The reason why we generally tend to prefer on-site mobile gambling apps and downloads to those created by third-party developers and those available in an app store is simple. Your favorite online sportsbook or casino has a vested interest in guaranteeing a seamless transition from your desktop or laptop to your smartphone or tablet. Competition right now is very strong in the online gambling community, and that is good for you, the gambler. This ensures bugs and other issues are cleared up quickly when they spring up in an online casino's gambling apps and downloads.

However, there is a lot to be said for operating system app stores like BlackBerry World as well. If you own a BlackBerry device running operating system 10.0 or higher, that newer operating system software allows you to instantly sync your computer with your BlackBerry Z10, Q10, BlackBerry tablet or other device running that OS. This means you can literally stop in the middle of a gambling session on your non-mobile desktop, flip open your BlackBerry smartphone and pick right up where you left off using the real mobile gambling apps available at BlackBerry World.

I guess you have noticed that we really are not drawing a line in the sand here and choosing one format for real money mobile gambling apps over another. You still need to do your due diligence and check out multiple offerings from casinos that you know deliver an excellent experience and offer safety and security (such as the ones featured in the table above). Whether you access those particular websites through an operating system app store or a site-specific QR code or mobile optimized download, if you stick with sites that you know to be reputable and operate with a high level of integrity, your experience as an active online gambler is sure to be a positive one.