Facebook gambling apps became a reality in August 2012 when a pay for play bingo game launched in the United Kingdom, and now they are available for access around the world. Facebook owns more than 1 million global users, and many of these social networkers enjoy the play money casino games Facebook is known for. Now that the social networking kingpin has added real money gambling capabilities, online wagering has a more respectful face in the UK. The history-making first real money gambling for Facebook took place on the Bingo Friendzy app created by London-based Gamesys.

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Some of the Facebook gambling apps can be played on your iphone, ipad, or android mobile device, however this does not mean they are optimized for those devices or that they were developed as iPhone gambling apps, iPad gambling apps, or Android gambling apps. The same holds true for those seeking use Blackberry gambling apps and Windows gambling apps.

Fortunately for the experienced online gambler, this appears to be just the beginning of a worldwide entry of gambling applications for Facebook. Geolocation technology is employed by Facebook to ensure that user is based in the UK or some other country where online gambling is legal. This can be skirted with popular software which changes a user's IP address, and as of this writing real money gambling apps for Facebook are not legal in the United States. That is why the California-based Facebook decided to launch the first ever real money online application in the United Kingdom, and the top sportsbooks are also now offering online wagering on Facebook as well. You can learn more in the Facebook App Center.

Zynga is well known for offering a Facebook experience, and they currently run both ZyngaPlusPoker and ZyngaPlusCasino gambling apps for Facebook for UK access. The popular World Series of Poker mobile application is currently available on Facebook for US players as a free play option, and was recently purchased by Las Vegas-based Caesars, meaning that it may soon be available for Nevada residents as a legal online gambling option. What the savvy veteran gambler has to look forward to is a huge player pool of online casino gamers whose vast experience is in gambling large sums of imaginary money on Facebook.

No doubt when there is a huge pool of fish, sharks eat well, and the new Facebook gambling apps, including Facebook casinos, can deliver literally millions of potential players to online casinos and poker rooms. And many of these players will be fish, so the experience gambler is advised to download multiple Facebook gaming applications and begin understanding the user interface. Even if these games are currently only offered for a "free play" experience, the arrival of real money gambling on Facebook applications is here. Being able to effectively and quickly wager on these Facebook games has the potential payoff handsomely for a time-tested and intelligent gambler.

Currently there are no gambling apps for Facebook which are web-based. Since the company is headquartered in California in the United States, either nationwide or statewide legalization of online gambling will have to take place before the company can allow individual web-based casinos and Facebook sportsbooks to deliver a legal betting option for US players. In just the past year the online gambling climate has changed considerably in the US, so check back here frequently for news concerning real money gambling for Facebook users located in the United States and other countries, as we will keep you informed as soon as any changes take place.

Real Money Gambling Apps For Facebook

Gambling App Compatibility Bonus USA Rating
We do not have any real money Facebook gambling applications that we can recommend at this time. The following apps are not available via Facebook, but they are the leading real money gambling applications currently available that have been vetted by our team of professionals and were found to offer a safe, reliable, and high quality mobile online gambling experience.
Bovada Casino iPhone, iPad, Android $3,000 USA Accepted 5 Star Rating
Bovada Sports iPhone, iPad, Android $250 USA Accepted 5 Star Rating
BetOnline Sports iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows $1,000 USA Accepted 5 Star Rating
SportsBetting.ag iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows $1,000 USA Accepted 5 Star Rating
Bookmaker iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry $300 USA Accepted 4 Star Rating
DSI Sportsbook iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows $300 USA Accepted 4 Star Rating
Bet365 Casino iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows €200 USA Not Accepted 4 Star Rating
Bet365 Sports iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows €100 USA Not Accepted 4 Star Rating

You may want to check out our recently added guide to real money Facebook poker to add a little variety to your mobile gambling.

Facebook Gambling Apps Land in The US ... When?

If you combine the total usage of Facebook users everyday, the average total time spent is 20 billion minutes.

With Facebook gambling apps currently available for users in the UK allowing you to wager real money, the social networking giant is already making good use of its millions of users there. Eventual legal support and participation for Facebook users in the United States is a virtual certainty, with only the time frame in question. The marriage between gambling and social networking online mirrors the experience in live US casinos, sportsbooks, poker rooms and bingo halls. There is just as much a sense of community and there is a gambling atmosphere, and this same sense of belonging to a like-minded group is what has made Facebook the online social networking Goliath that it is today.

Zynga is well known for providing casino and gambling applications and games for Facebook. Currently these are "play money" applications, but Zynga and other social networking gaming developers could easily pull the trigger and offer real money gambling in any US jurisdiction where it is legalized online. With the current economic problems in many US states, the tens of millions of US Facebook users now playing for fun at virtual casinos and poker rooms on Facebook offer quite an attractive potential payday for cash hungry legislators. re is no doubt the United States will offer real money Facebook gambling, and most probably sooner rather than later, but there are detractors.

One of the major hurdles mentioned by the opposition to online gambling on social networking platforms is age verification. Pre-teens make up a large Facebook component, and online gambling opponents are rightfully concerned about children getting access to real money gambling applications. This has also been a vocal concern of Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's founder and CEO. To online gambling proponents, this is a non-issue, as current age verification platforms in many countries are currently and effectively employed with excellent results.

Those on the side of social networks like Facebook offering real money gambling apps point to the fact that children already have access to Facebook applications which allow you to purchase extra in-app products, services and extras, and this is merely an extension of that availability. And it appears that the overall attitude by US citizens towards online gambling as a whole, and social network real money gambling specifically, is becoming more friendly. Multiple states currently offer online gambling in some form in the US, and nearly every state offers some type of land-based casino, bingo, poker hall or sportsbook gambling destination.

When will Facebook gambling apps offer real money play to United States residents and travelers? That is a question with no current answer, but many countries have already legalized online gambling, and so have some states in the US. There was once a contingency which said that live destination gambling would always be outlawed in the United States. However, we now have access in the US to many types and forms of gambling in physical casinos in most states. And with the current massive growth of social networking and sites like Facebook, social network real money gambling is poised to be the wave of the nearby future in the online gambling community. As Facebook continues to develop their gambling app repertoire, there are plenty of alternative real money gambling apps supported by multiple mobile platforms.

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