The social networking Goliath that is Facebook does not currently support real money gambling through its games platform. However, if you are looking for a Facebook poker app for playing real money Texas Hold 'Em, Omaha or some other poker game, you can at least at the present time enjoy free play poker through literally hundreds of different Facebook applications. And since a few states in the US have now legalized online poker for their residents and visitors and more states are pushing for legal online poker every day, playing Facebook poker for real money is probably just around the corner in the United States, and is already available in the UK. We anticipate to see the same type of progress with Facebook casinos and Facebook gambling apps in general.

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In early 2012, a few select companies located in the United Kingdom announced they would be offering real money poker on Facebook, releasing options later that year. And even though Facebook does not currently support real money gambling through its social networking platform in the US, change is in the air. The state of Delaware in late 2013 released Facebook poker apps which offer free play poker through the DoubleDown Casino platform. This move was made to get Delaware residents and visitors prepared for the real money poker offerings the state has legalized, and also to hopefully be in place when and if Facebook changes its attitude towards real money poker.

And there are currently several big names associated with poker which already provide a Facebook mobile poker app so you can play for free money on your smartphone or tablet. Popular poker professional Phil Ivey has launched Ivey Poker, and probably the most recognizable poker brand in the world, the World Series of Poker, also provides a free play Facebook poker app. However, all is not lost for social networkers looking to enjoy some real money poker play on their mobile device, desktop or laptop computer. There are still legitimate offshore providers of poker and casino gambling for real money, and we have listed those options here on this page.

It is our belief that there will eventually be a Facebook poker app available for real money poker, and as soon as there is any significant change in the industry, or at Facebook, we will keep you posted here with a timely update. And currently, applications on Facebook which allow virtual poker play without gambling for real money consistently rank among the most popular apps. Now that the United States Department of Justice has declared poker a game of skill rather than chance, the possibility of a nationwide piece of legislation legalizing online poker is still very distinct, with a couple of pieces of legislation already on the table.

Unless Mark Zuckerberg decides to change his company's policy towards supporting Facebook poker apps for real money gambling, the social networking giant will stay as a free play option for USA players. But considering the move the last couple of years towards a much friendlier attitude on the state and federal levels regarding the legality of real money poker online, we will probably see a Facebook poker app supporting real money wagering in the near future. When that does happen we will alert you immediately, but until then you can enjoy legitimately licensed and responsible online poker at the Internet providers we have reviewed and recommended below.

Facebook Poker Apps For Real Money Gambling

Poker Site Compatibility Bonus USA Rating
At this time there are not any real money Facebook poker apps for us to recommend here. The first brand listed here, Bovada Poker does offer a web based mobile poker application that can be played from your mobile device's web browser. They do specifically support iOS and Android devices, and results may vary for BlackBerry and Windows devices. The rest of the sites listed here are legal, secure, and reputable poker sites which currently have a mobile poker app in the development phase.
Ignition Poker iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows $1,000 USA Accepted 5 Star Rating
Bet365 Poker iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows €100 USA Not Accepted 4 Star Rating

These poker sites also offer access to additional mobile poker platforms, including iPhone poker, iPad poker, Android poker, BlackBerry poker and Windows poker.

Real Money Gambling Apps For Facebook

Gambling App Compatibility Bonus USA Rating
At this time we do not have any real money Facebook gambling apps to feature here. Following are the top rated mobile gambling apps that cover both casino gambling and sports betting, and come complete with a well designed interface that is optimized and engineered to operate perfectly on the mobile operating system listed next each one. You can check out our latest guide to learn more about the status of Facebook sports betting if that is an area of interest for you.
Bovada Casino iPhone, iPad, Android $3,000 USA Accepted 5 Star Rating
Bovada Sports iPhone, iPad, Android $250 USA Accepted 5 Star Rating
BetOnline Sports iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows $1,000 USA Accepted 5 Star Rating iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows $1,000 USA Accepted 5 Star Rating
Bookmaker iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry $300 USA Accepted 4 Star Rating
DSI Sportsbook iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows $300 USA Accepted 4 Star Rating
Bet365 Casino iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows €200 USA Not Accepted 4 Star Rating
Bet365 Sports iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows €100 USA Not Accepted 4 Star Rating

Choosing a Facebook Mobile Poker App

As we discussed in the top section, Facebook USA does not currently support real money wagering through the applications you can access at that social networking giant. And while a great number of US and international web surfers access the Internet from desktop and laptop PCs, the world is moving rapidly to a smaller screened mobile experience. Smartphones and tablets are where the majority of web access is originated, and this means if you want to enjoy some Omaha, Seven Card Stud or Texas Hold 'Em, you will have to do so via a Facebook mobile poker app or some alternative.

And if free play poker is your thing, there are countless Facebook poker apps which you can access from your smartphone or tablet. These applications will work regardless of your screen size, as they use responsive technology to customize their user interface perfectly for your particular display, whether you are on a 10 inch tablet PC, are you are using a smartphone with a 5 inch touchscreen. Choosing a particular Facebook poker app is as easy as using the search feature on Facebook, and then browsing the hundreds of free play applications available for poker players.

And if you live in the United Kingdom, there are a couple of real money gambling options supported by Facebook UK. Once again, simply use the search feature or search on Google for "real money Facebook poker apps." In the United States, your only option for legalized and reputable online poker play for real money wagering is to visit an Internet poker room which has been legally registered in an offshore jurisdiction known for providing online gambling licenses. Many of these companies support US players, meaning you do not have to have a Facebook mobile poker app to enjoy playing your favorite poker games for real money.

These alternatives to Facebook poker apps also usually provide you with a healthy welcome bonus. That means, simply for signing up and making a deposit, you are given extra money to add to your bankroll. This is an enticement which brick-and-mortar poker rooms do not offer, making legitimately licensed offshore poker rooms an attractive and viable alternative to a Facebook mobile poker app for American and international poker players. Fortunately, with a handful of states now legally offering online poker in the US, other states are bound to hop on board, and substantial pressure may make Facebook change its mind in this lucrative area.

As mentioned above, Delaware already supports a Facebook poker app for free money gambling, successfully building a player pool of possible real money poker players once Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg decides to allow real money gambling apps. But currently, the many Facebook poker apps for your desktop, laptop or mobile PC or smartphone you have to choose from are relegated to the free play variety. There is no doubt that real money gambling will come to Facebook, in the form of poker and possibly casino games. The only question is when, and we will keep you posted here with any late breaking news in that regard, so check back often. Until then, you can enjoy real money poker play at the legally licensed and reputable Internet poker websites we have listed on this page.

Mobile Platforms Supporting Real Money Poker

iPhone Poker

iPad Poker

Android Poker

Blackberry Poker

Windows Poker

Mobile Poker