Windows Mobile Sports Betting Apps Supporting Real Money

Windows Mobile LogoIf you are looking for a real money Windows phone sports betting app in the official Microsoft app store for its mobile operating system (Windows Phone Store), you may be frustrated. That is because the company offers plenty of free play sports betting applications, and even a few apps which help you track and research your betting experience. But currently, there are no Windows Phone OS downloads supported by Microsoft which offer real money gambling. That does not mean that the savvy sports bettor is hung out to dry, however. You just have to know where to look, and in this case, there is actually a great number of websites which offer real money gambling and sports betting with Windows Phone app support. Gamblers who are interested in Windows gambling apps for other venues are in the same predicament, such as Windows casinos offering high quality games such as Windows blackjack, slots, video poker, roulette and others, or Windows poker apps. You just need to know how to differentiate the winners from the losers.

And that is not that difficult, as we will show you in just a little bit. The information below will assist you in locating what you're looking for, as well as provide step by step instructions as to how to access these options. But first let us touch on what a smart Internet sports gambler should look for in a Windows Phone sports betting app. Betting on MLB and NFL action, and placing wagers on other major sports leagues like the NBA and NCAA, should allow you to act quickly. The veteran sports bettor knows that there are situations which arise due to late breaking news, weather or injuries which, if acted on quickly, can provide the closest thing to a sure bet that sports gambling offers. This means that you want your Windows Phone OS powered device to be able to place lightning fast bets, and you also want to receive speedy bet confirmations. The top legitimate sportsbooks found online which offer support for the Windows Phone mobile OS constantly check their systems to ensure they are delivering a quick and dependable interface.

The Windows Phone sports betting apps that the discriminating sports gambler uses should also first and foremost deliver competitive lines. If the over/under total on a San Antonio Spurs - Los Angeles Lakers basketball game is 189 points at your sportsbook, and it is 187 points everywhere else, and you plan to bet the over, that is not a good situation for you. So you should demand that sports betting with Windows Phone app supporting sportsbooks delivers reasonable and competitive lines, sides, totals, props and futures. If you enjoy parlays and teasers, the payout should also be at least equal to the industry standard, if not better. After you find a site whose software places your bets quickly and delivers decent lines and payouts, you need to check for licensing.

Some Internet sportsbooks are absolutely unregistered and unlicensed. You can only guarantee a safe and secure experience if you frequent a sportsbook which has been legitimately registered in a jurisdiction which has legalized online gambling. This tells you that you are dealing with a legitimate company, and not a fly-by-night operation. Also, those top operators which seek out legal licensing are more likely to deliver an excellent sports gambling experience on your Windows Phone OS device than unlicensed sportsbooks. They consistently deliver a fast and reliable user interface, a wide variety of sports covered, as well as competitive and attractive betting lines. Finally, the last thing a smart Internet sports gambler looks for is responsive software. Responsive is the term for website coding which has been developed recently which allows your Windows Phone sports betting apps to deliver a "full display" experience, regardless the size of your display or the Windows Phone mobile OS version you are operating.

There are tablets with 7.0 inch and 10.0 inch displays of varying resolutions, and differing aspect ratios. Smartphones can deliver anywhere from a 3.5 inch to 5.7 inch screen, and responsive technology instantly delivers the perfect user interface for your display. This is also customized to your screen size and aspect ratio, whether it be 16 to 9, 12 to 9 or 1 to 1. Demand speed and competitive lines, verify that a site is legally licensed to offer sports gambling, and then test drive the user interface to make sure you do not have to pinch and zoom to study the bets offered and place a wager. iPhone sports betting and sportsbooks for Android devices use the same type of responsive technology for their devices as well.

The Internet sportsbooks we recommend here support US and international gamblers, and they all offer a Windows Phone sports betting app or instant responsive software, they are legally licensed and registered in an offshore location which has legalized online gambling, and they provide speedy bet placement, bet confirmations and banking options.

Steps To Accessing Windows Sports Betting Apps

1. Select one of the trusted Windows sportsbook brands from the list below.

2. You will see a 'Join Now', 'Play Now' or some type of similar button that will allow you to register for a player account. This will be a quick and easy process that simply entails entering some personal data.

3. Upon completion of your account registration, you can then log into your account and access their mobile interface through their mobile tab or button. Once you select this option, you will be given direct access either through a hotlink, QR code, or downloadable application.

4. Its time to really explore the sportsbook and see what it has to offer, carefully reading the bonus/promo terms and conditions. Once you feel comfortable getting around in the mobile sportsbook, then you can place a real money deposit and start betting on your favorite lines.

Real Money Sports Betting Apps

For Windows Devices

#Gambling AppCompatibilityBonusUSARatingReview
USA Sportsbooks
1Bovada LogoiPhone, iPad, Android, Windows$250USA AcceptedVisit Site Review
2Betonline LogoiPhone, iPad, Android, Windows$2,500USA AcceptedVisit Site Review
3Sports Betting LogoiPhone, iPad, Android, Windows$1,000USA AcceptedVisit Site Review
4Bookmaker LogoiPhone, iPad, Android, Windows$300USA AcceptedVisit Site Review
6GT Bets Sportsbook LogoiPhone, iPad, Android, Windows$500USA AcceptedVisit Site Review
Non USA Sportsbooks
USD $ / British Pound Sterling £ / Euros €
7Bet365 LogoiPhone, iPad, Android, WindowsSee SiteUSA Not AcceptedVisit Site Review

Why Doesn't Microsoft Support Windows Phone Sports Betting Apps for Real Money Gambling?

If you are wondering why sports betting with Windows Phone app downloads is not supported by Microsoft, there is really a simple answer. Google used to support real money gambling through Google Play downloads, but now Big G does not. Apple never supported any type of download in its App Store until recently, and now they wholeheartedly support real money gambling apps. As mentioned above, Microsoft does not support Windows Phone applications which allow responsible adults to make bets on sporting contests and events. So why does one company offer real money gambling applications, and another does not? It all has to do with the fact that these are corporations which have to take into account the attitudes and wishes of their stockholders.

Microsoft simply believes that at this time it is not the best thing for the company's image to allow Windows Phone sports betting apps for real money. That opinion could change tomorrow. But that uncertainty is even more reason why the smart NFL or NBA gambler prefers individual sportsbook applications and software that support the Windows Phone OS, and honor US and international players. An Internet sportsbook owner is going to do everything within his or her power to keep you happy, so you do not go shopping and wind up moving to a competitor. This means that you can expect competitive lines, a speedy and reliable interface, and a wide range of familiar banking options, with a user interface and control panel which is custom-made for your Windows Phone mobile OS version and device.

If the Windows Phone store did indeed offer real money gambling applications, they honestly would not care if your experience was great or not. They offer millions of other applications, and Windows' parent company, Microsoft, makes the vast majority of its revenue in other ways. But an individual sportsbook operator understands he must effectively support Microsoft mobile OS platforms, and he works very hard to make sure that the Windows Phone sports betting apps and responsive software his website uses gives you a much better experience than anyone else.

That is why these top operators go the more difficult and more expensive route of obtaining legitimate licensing in offshore jurisdictions where online gambling is legal. They also support US, UK, Europe, Asia and worldwide Internet access, and will always work hard to make you happy by providing very competitive lines and numbers. And whether you are using the latest Windows Phone mobile OS or a previous version, your account control panel will be faithfully rendered in the customized version required to perfectly fit and use your entire display. No bothersome pinching and zooming, everything you need to place an online wager on an MLB contest, NCAA basketball game or NHL hockey matchup is right there on your display, whether it measures 3.5 inches or 10.0 inches.

So, to recap, why doesn't Microsoft support real money gambling in the Windows Phone store? Simply because they choose not to at this time. But even if they decide to add real money wagering to their app store for Windows mobile OS devices in the future, it is our studied opinion that this will still not be the best experience for the discerning and demanding online sports bettor. If you are going to place a bet on a sporting contest on your mobile device, you should demand that the sports betting Windows Phone apps you use give you the best opportunities at winning. This means delivering a speedy interface, trusted banking options, legal and legitimate licensing and full display access to your sportsbook account control panel, regardless which one of your Windows powered smartphones or tablets you are on. That can be achieved by clicking through one of the recommended and legitimate sportsbooks we list here, websites we have reviewed and gamble at ourselves.

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