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News And Technology Articles Related To Mobile Gaming

These articles keep players up to date with the latest technology news surrounding mobile gaming. There are new devices coming out all the time, and really cool devices at that.

Bovada Adds Two New Blackjack Games To Their Mobile Suite - Get an inside look at the new blackjack games recently added to Bovada's mobile casino suite.

New Mobile Gambling App Reflects Latest Casino Trend In US - US based casinos are beginning to see the value of mobile gambling apps, paving the way for real money options down the road.

Mobile Apps Bring A New Evolution In Sports Betting - Mobile betting apps have effectively put live, in play sports betting at our fingertips with access to this type of wagering from our smartphone or tablet, 24/7.

Apple Draws Fire After Tim Cook Makes Vague Claims Regarding Sales - Ceo Tim Cook claims that the Apple Watch is on track to set a holiday sales record, but he also said that it is on track to post its best quarter yet and that sell-through numbers for the watch are set to break all previous records. Yet we are hearing something totally different from the recent figures released by the IDC.

New iPhone 7 Release And Implications For Online Gambling - Will gamblers prefer the old iPhone 6 for mobile gambling compared to the new iPhone 7 features?

T-Mobile Unlimited Data Deal May Break Net Neutrality Rules - Digital Right's Groups think the new T-Mobile unlimitted data plan is walking a thin line between legal and illegal.

Can Online Gambling Capitalize On Facebook's Mobile Presence? - Facebook profits have seen a healthy growth in Q2 thanks to in app mobile casino app purchases. Will the online gambling industry capitolize on this growing opportunity?

MGM Resorts To Offer Mobile Gambling Tournaments - MGM Resorts now offers mobile tournaments for guests at any of their 9 Las Vegas Resorts where players can win real cash prizes.

Social Media Transforming How People Interact With Sporting Events - Social media continues to change the world as we know it including how people follow their favorite sports teams, players ect..

Pokémon Go May Be the Next Model For Mobile Gambling - An interesting view on how Pokémon Go will likely be the next model for Mobile gaming.

Cheap Smart Phone Could Change Online Gambling Climate In India - New Ringing Bells Freedom Smartphone could potentially change online gambling in India due to it's low cost.

Apple Watch Newest Feature Seems Like Marketing Ploy - The Apple smartwatch has pretty much been a bust since it's inception. Is their newest feature which will now be capable of tracking fitness goals for people in wheelchairs a desperate attempt to get sales rolling?

Kenya Experiencing Gambling Bug Thanks To Mobile Gambling Availability - Mobile gambling is booming in Kenya as residents catch the gambling fever.

Apple Smart Watch Price Drops By $200 - Learn about the huge price drops of smart watches and if this will create more demand and incentive for software providers to offer mobile games for the watches.

FTC + FCC Investigating Mobile Security Updates - Learn why the FTC and FCC are stepping in to regulate how mobile phone carriers update their software and what gamblers should be thinking about with their Android phones.

New Virtual Sports Betting App To Be Released By Golden Nugget - A new virtual app will allow New Jersey players to bet on virtual sports games through the Golden Nugget online gambling site.

Apple Watch Updates - Recent updates to Smart Watch technology has the world on the edge of their seats. But how will this potentially affect the mobile gaming industry?

New Mobile Bonus Offers At Bovada Casino - Check out the latest promotions for Bovada's mobile casino. These bonuses are time sensitive, so get them while they are active.

Judge Orders Apple To Comply With FBI Demands To Create Back Door - Learn about this unprecendented public battle between the FBI and Apple to create a back door to unlock the iPhone used by the San Bernardino terrorists.

Playboy Brand To Partner With Gamblit To Offer Real Money Mobile Skill Games - Learn how the Playboy brand has partnered with Gamblit to begin offering mobile gambling options.

Pennsylvania Poised To Outperform New Jersey Revenue With Mobile Gambling Launch - Find out how the state of Pennsylvania could potentially outperform New Jersey by implementing mobile gaming options out the gate.

Mobile Gambling Apps See Revenue Increase Year Over Year - Find out how the mobile gambling platform is driving tremendous growth among app developers and gambling sites, and providing the preferred option for accessing online gambling entertainment.

Mobile Browsing To Surpass Desktop By 2015 - As reported by leading websites such as CNN and Mashable, many insiders predict that mobile users will surpass desktop users by 2015, which could create a huge boost for mobile gaming.

Bovada Adds Video Poker To Their Mobile Casino - One of the largest and most reputable online casinos has just added the popular video poker to their already impressive game selection.

Microgaming Marries Interactive Online Gambling With Smartwatch Technology - Read how Microgaming is leading the way for creative mobile gaming techonology with their new smartwatch release. Players can play real money games from their smart watch.

Winners Circle Articles

These articles offer interesting stories about players who hit it big on their mobile device. You never know, you might be that next lucky player who takes a quick shot at the slots while waiting for your food to come out, only to be surprised when you walk out of the restaurant $20K richer.

Just because real money gambling apps take the big-time, real-world casino and gambling experience and deliver it to the small screen on your mobile PC or smartphone does not mean the wins can't be huge. If there was ever a page on the World Wide Web where you wanted to see your name appear, this is it. Online gambling should definitely be entertaining, but we would be lying if we did not say we are always playing in pursuit of that huge jackpot payout. We are therefore appropriately naming this section of our real money gambling apps site The Winners Circle.

What you will find here are captivating and incredible stories of people just like yourself who have experienced huge jackpot victories or winning sessions, all while playing on a real money gambling app. The Winners Circle players mentioned below may have hit their life-changing payday on a brand-new iPhone, an older Android handset or a BlackBerry tablet. Those three operating systems have all been home to significant mobile gambling windfalls, and the lucky winners have been included here to properly give them their moment in the sun. What kind of money can you possibly win playing on a real money casino app?

Jackpot paydays of $20,000 and $30,000 occur frequently, in many cases after only a few minutes of play when a virtual gamer hits a progressive jackpot payout. And you need look no further than the record-breaking $1.328 million slots jackpot a 33-year-old British man won on his smartphone to realize just how life-changing playing a real money gambling app can be. So before you log into your favorite online casino gambling app, check out the incredible stories below for some motivation, and feel free to let us know about any big win you experience. We would love to add your name to our Winners Circle list, and we wish you nothing but love from lady luck.

Wakefield Forklift Operator Hits Massive $1.328 Million Slots Jackpot on Smartphone - Find out how one player from the UK made history with the largest mobile gambling win to date as he enjoyed one of his favorite slots games on his smartphone.

Gamer Hits $29,193 Mobile Slots Payday, For Some Christmas Cash in March - Learn how one player won big playing a Christmas themed slots game in March on his smartphone only to hit a nearly $30,000 jackpot win! He'll definitely have his Christmas shopping done ahead of time.